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Haven ... The people

For me the best part of Haven Conference was the people.  It was packed full of bloggers.  And by packed full I mean ... PACKED!  So much talent and so many cute little peeps!  Let's start with my roomie ...

Amanda is precious.  We share a love of so many things.  Lilly, monograms and organization just to name a few.  When I decided to go she immediately asked me to room with her which instantly became my favorite reason for going.  We arrived with happies for one another ... swapping Lilly goodies and planning for a colorful weekend.

Mine for her ... picture taken from her blog.  

And hers for me ... also taken from her blog.  She did such a great job taking pictures of our loot I decided to use her pictures and give her all the props!

(ps ... she makes those precious notebooks and bag tags and sells them in her Etsy shop.  That amazing set came monogrammed with my blog name!  Absolutely precious!!)

We were friends before we became roomies but we left life long friends!  I absolutely adore my Skipper ... she is funny, kind to the core and one of the smartest girls I know.  Our time together was filled with laughter, laughter and more laughter!!!  It was the best conference/girls weekend thanks to her and my other sidekick!

How stunning is Krystine??  This photo may or may not have been taken with side splitting giggles in an attempt to capture that amazing outfit.  When Krystine arrived in town she met Lance and I for lunch in town and then she and I headed to the conference.  We met during the One Room Challenge and our friendship simply grew from there!  

And ps ... how amazing is he in his vintage Mercedes??  Just love him!!!

She is another girl I am sure I will know for a lifetime.  As Lance said after lunch ... she is one of our gang!  Such an incredibly smart, funny and truly lovely girl.  She and her husband are quite a team in Charleston and she juggles her work and raising two precious boys.  She taught me so much about blogging, branding and taking pictures with my Iphone!  Amanda and Krystine made the conference for me!!  

Thursday evening as the conference was starting I met the adorable Emily from Eleven Gables.  I spotted her the minute I walked in noticing her adorable dress.  

She introduced us to her precious friends and we joined them for drinks and appetizers at the opening mixer and later for dinner at Goldfish for sushi.  Such a fun evening and a great start to the conference!!    

Amanda and I with blue i style 
(another pic from Amanda's blog)

Amanda, Krystine & I 
Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles, Claire from Honey Haven, Emily from Eleven Gables 
& Angela from blue i style 
(another pic from Amanda's blog)

Friday was another day full of friends ... 

Oh and more laughs, more wine and way more memories!!

Lance came to join us for the afternoon to hear Christina Wedge speak.  She is the amazing photographer he uses.  This girl is a master an interior photography ... his website is full of her talent!

Christina Wedge ... I KNOW HER!

Lance treated our trio to wine at Season's 52.  He is such an amazing friend.  Constantly supporting me and encouraging my creativity and my blog.  It was so special to me that he came and hung out with us.  And his constant texts of  "are you having the best time" truly are the best.  Best friends should build you up and this is the true definition of Lance!  

At the end of the sessions our trio treated Christina to dinner.  Her German accent is my favorite thing about her ... that and that she constantly makes fun of my silliness.  I am truly crazy at times!

During the three days I also had the amazing pleasure of meeting ... 

KariAnne of Thistle Wood Farms
The girls at 11 Magnolia Lane
Michelle of Iron and Twine
Shelly of Confetti Style
Mallory of Charming in Charlotte 
... and many more!

I can't say it enough ... the people are the best part of Haven.  So much talent, so much energy and so many inspiring and sweet people!!

More deets to come ...



  1. The feeling is mutual--meeting you was definitely one of the highlights of our fabulous weekend, too!

    1. Absolutely loved speaking with you ... what a blessing to have three friends share such a fun weekend. Y'all are precious!!

  2. Paige, it was such a pleasure to meet you at Haven! I so enjoyed spending the first evening with you - it really started the conference off on such a positive note! I look forward to keeping in touch!

  3. You are even more darling in person!!!! I loved visiting with you this weekend! You are so much fun! xoxo, emily

  4. Paige this made me smile and gave me chills! I ADORE you- more like love you....& of course Skipper. I look forward to so many more memories with you, Lane & Amanda. Truly amazing friends that will last a life time!! xoxoxo Thanks to you and Lance for being the most amazing hosts!

  5. This is perfect and perfectly true and obviously perfectly you :) So amazing of you to share. Keep on blogging - you are a favorite read and take care of you!



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