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Tuesday Thrift ... #bamboorods

(via Pinterest)

I hadn't been thrifting in a while and I was doing my best to stop hoarding collecting things!  I have working so hard to get the house organized and get things listed on Etsy before I thrift more ... but I was in the area of one of my favorite Goodwill stores last week and popped in for just one sec on the way home!

Holy mother load!!

Why yes!  Those would be two vintage bamboo curtain rods just the perfect length for my dining room!

In perfect condition, with all the rings included and heavy as heck, for a mere $8.98 a piece!!

I grabbed them up faster than I may have ever snatched up anything, paid for those babies and drove straight home!

And Saturday morning ... just as the sun was brightly shining into the dining room, I installed them using the old white hooks from the previous white rods!

They are absolutely perfect for the space!

Now to decide!  Leave them or paint them?


I am in no hurry to decide!  My bamboo and I are loving each other just the way we are for now!

Happy thrifting!!



  1. Score!! I kind of like them natural, but if I were going to choose a color, green, go bold or go home!!

  2. Love them in natural. I want to thrift with you, I can never find great scores as you so often do!



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