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Tuesday Thrift ... #doublehappinessjars

As you know I love my blue and white!!!  Love, love, love it!!!

I have many vases, and my double happiness jars are by far the best I own.  

I love them in bookcases, on top of books in the entry way and full of roses in the middle of my dining room table.

For me they are just the most classic and perfect of the blue and white pieces!!  

I have two sets of blue and white double happiness jars, one set that resides in our den book case and one set that roams around the house.  

Lance asked to borrow one set for a table he was designing for an ADAC event.  

Holy Moly ... this picture he sent me when he was done!!!

I pictured them filled with roses.  But of course he thought outside the box, as always, and filled them with pink painted sticks!!! 

I still gasp when I see the pic and in person!! They are ah-mazing!!!

I will never see them the same again ... they need to be filled with more than just flowers and used in bookcases and on books!  I need to use and love them in more ways!!!




  1. Amazing! Love how he paired them with something unexpected.

  2. I'm not sure why you didn't bring those pink sticks home. Perfect for your house!!!!!!! :-) xo



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