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Week in pics ...

Seriously it seems like it was just Monday ... and yet it's Friday!  I am not complaining.  I am very ready for a long, relaxing weekend!!!It was a good week ... but a long one as it always is when the Hubs travels.  He did three back to backs this month and the energy is drained from my body.  I finally just had to give in yesterday and give myself a pass to just relax and rest!!

Here is a summary of my week in pics ... 

As promised ... here is the full garage shot with the afternoon sun.  I just love how the topiaries frame the garage.  And every single time I pull in I admire our new door.  It is amazing to me how much a garage door can change the feel of a house.  

The mailbox bed room ... yes, barf!  We sadly lost all three of our amazing Knockout Roses.  I am tackling this area first.  I will have an update for y'all soon.  I had to take a before pic and this one is a bad one.

The Crepe Myrtle room ... for now I am grabbing some black nugget mulch and focusing on the mailbox.  I will tackle this bed soon enough!

Since Little Bit is at a new school this year I have been driving her back and forth.  I have so enjoyed this time with her each morning and afternoon.  Isn't she just the cutest thing??  She packs her sunnies since we drive to school going east and she's too short to use the visor!  Bless her!

The wallpaper is up in the bar ... finally!!!  And it is TO DIE FOR!!!  Worth every cent and the weeks it took to have it installed.  I am putting the finishing touches up and will show it all to you soon!  I am so excited about the way it looks!  EEEKKKK!!!

Instead of re installing the gallery wall in the bar area I am hanging a mirror.  Lance lovingly said ... you have a lot going on in there and you need the contrast of one single piece!  So I rushed over to my Home Goods to see if the broken ruffle mirror was still there.  Yep, it was and it was marked down from $99.99 to $89.00.  (Sorry sweet Grandma for snapping your fanny)

Lucky me for asking ... they marked that cracked frame all the way down to $65.00.  I paid for that baby and immediately took it over to the lacquer spa for repair and painting!!

And chose this to die for green!  Seriously ... every single thing in the Parker Kennedy warehouse is ridic good.  I could have loaded this and so many other just finished pieces up and snuck them home!

I had the privilege of taking this picture for my best friend and a project he is working on ... you will see this photo again.  It was a beautiful day with amazing weather and almost no clouds.  And I had other things I felt needed to be done and did what I love to do most.  I lived in the moment and said yes when he asked for my help!

And made memories, laughed and shared time with someone I love dearly!  

On Wednesday during lunch I was sharing a story about my precious Nana who taught me so much about loving others and giving of yourself.  What it means to truly spend time with someone and how to do lists mean nothing when babies are little!  I absolutely love being a mother and a wife and creating a home.  I would chose to do nothing else.  My role as wife, mother, friend and sister means everything to me ... and my family includes so many that I wasn't born knowing!  

Truly maybe this was the moment for which I was created!

Have an amazing weekend my sweet friends!


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  1. I am surprised you lost your knock out roses. They love the sun and are usually hardy plants. What a great deal on the mirror!! And, love the color you chose. Little Bit is adorable in her sunnies. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!



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