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Inspiration du jour ... #masterbath

Well, since the One Room Challenge is less than a month (FREAK OUT MOMENT) away, I have started pulling together ideas for our master bedroom and bathroom.   And before the hubs has a heartache when he reads this ... I am only adding a few fluff changes to the master bedroom.  

The bathroom ...

That is a WHOLE 'nother story!

It needs love, and updating and tons more love ... and I am trying to decide what all needs to be done and what I can truly live with and just make prettier!

The vanity needs a chair ... and isn't this one just amazing?

And even though we have a glass shower door those panels are screaming my name!!!

And I pinky swear ... these mirrors would make me forget all about the fact that I have two walls of mirror very similar to this!  

And sconces on the mirror are a must, pretty please!

And I love this built in around the tub area ... ours needs some love!

And I want wallpaper for the big area ...

And something that screams FAB in the water closet!

Ok ... back to the notebook of ideas and pricing to decide how to make it all work on my budget!!

Because I can promise you ... 

The hubs passed out long ago after seeing all of my ... "oh, and I ..."



  1. Whatever you do, Paige will be gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it.

  2. Cannot wait to see what you come up with. Loving all the inspiration pictures.



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