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Week in review ... #relax,read&create

(via Pinterest)

I may or may not have mentioned that the kids were home this week for Fall break.  Why do we have a fall break you wonder?  Well, that would be due to the fact that our children start school the first week of August.  Crazy, I realize, but its true!

So the kids and hubs were home, except for that quick trip to NYC, and we had a wonderful week of relaxing, reading and catching up on life!

My week in review ... 

The oldest convinced me to step outside my movie zone and watch Divergent with him.  Holy, omg, sooo good and so fun to all camp out in our room like we used to when they were really little and watch a movie!  Our master suite is HUGE and has enough room for two club chairs, one antique chair and tons of cuddle space on the floor for their sleeping bags.  

When we finished the movie and I couldn't stop gushing he convinced me to try the Hunger Games the next evening.  Clearly I am the last person on the earth, according to him, to see this movie.  I loved it and then stayed up and binge watched the next one.  When it ended abruptly I sat up and screamed, seriously?? His response, "your welcome".  Now I find myself calendaring the sequel due out in November.  Who knew?

The electrician arrived Tuesday to install the brass pendants in the bar area.  Y'all will die when we get it shot, hopefully next week.  The pendants are seriously sooo good and perfect for the space.  I find I am loving pouring my wine and drinks here now.  It was good before and now it is just the most amazing space in the house.   EEK!!!!

Happened upon some amazing new blogs which I know you will love!

Found this amazing tutorial that I am dying to try!  I see either four different plaids for the basement, or the burlap pictured with a bright colored chair ... pink, turquoise?  Just love them!!

Stumbled onto this to die for site ... and ps, free shipping over $60!  You're welcome!

Learned how to make a yarn pom pom!  And I will be making these for Little Bit' skating party next Friday night!!  How darling will they be attached to all the girls rental skates!  I die ... 

Started on fall clothes shopping for moi ... so far I seem to be gathering grew sweatshirts and ripped jeans like its my JOB.  Probably need to expand that shopping into something more ... but if you are looking for the same, highly recommend these and these!

Bought some fall shoes (black booties and red plaid slip on sneaks) ... and probably need a few more pairs.  

I have my eye on these babies

And these!

And new red gloss Hunters ... my beloved yellow ones could use a friend to rotate.

I also snuggled a sick Little Bit as we are hoping her fever virus passes before the big celebration on Sunday!  Who wants to be sick on your birthday!!  Ugh ... praying she turns the corner soon!

Hope your week was a good one!  



  1. hope sweet girl starts feeling better soon! checking out all your links now!!

  2. Glad to see little bit is on the mend and got her piggies done!!

  3. Hey Paige! Thank you sooo much for the Hattan Home love! Oink!



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