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Holiday shopping!!

I started shopping a few weeks ago, but today I would consider to be the first of my shopping for the season.  I have a list and I intend to get it done quickly!!

I am slimming down this year and only choosing the best gifts for those I truly need to buy for ... I tend to go overboard in the gift giving ... I know you are shocked!!  Giving to others makes me so happy but I need to be realistic this year ... less truly is more!

I have a list I am truly excited about ... I can't share it, duh, but I will give you some highlights ~

a signed book for a sweet bestie
a monogrammed piece of silver for someone I love 
a funny movie for a bff
a handmade gift for someone who means the world to me 
something tortoise for a girl I admire greatly

I am excited to get my gifts early and wrap them so they have their spotlight under the tree!  Speaking of trees, mine will go up promptly on 11/30 and have more than just lights on them this year.  The past few years I have struggled to get them up and properly decorated!  

I just snagged these happy tags from the amazing Emily McCarthy!!

Can't wait to wrap up my gifts and use her to die for designs!!  She has so many amazing things for the holiday in her shop!  I may have bought a bunch of things!!!  (of course I did)

Happy Saturday besties!!



  1. I hear ya on the less is more! Loving your list. Thoughtful!

  2. Getting busy on my list too! I was visiting The Enchanted Home blog today and thought of you. A stunning pagoda wreath. You must go see. It has your name all over it!



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