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Inspiration du jour ... #cramming

Pinky swear I have not forgotten you.  I have forgotten all the posts I owe you and I surely miss blogging!

But it is crunch time for the One Room Challenge and I am rushing to finish!!!  It has consumed me the last two weeks and I have a huge list and just two days to get it all done.  To say I am stressed is really an understatement!  I don't think I have ever felt this way in the ORC before.  I can't decide if its due to so many contractors to dos or its the bathroom itself that is making me run away with my hair on fire.  All I can say is it may be some late nights and venti lattes up in here!

I made this to do list this am after cleaning up all the sanding dust from last night's mudding session.  I may or may not now be a rock star when it comes to floating a wall.  Not that I am offering my services, that is not my favorite task to complete.  

I am off to see what I can finish today while the paper is being hung.  I am truly hoping once he leaves today I feel less like my heart will pound out of my chest!

Here's hoping ...



  1. I can only imagine how overwhelming this must be....just keep reminding yourself how fabulous it's going to be......because I know it will be incredible, I for one can't wait for the reveal :)!!

  2. cant wait to come take pics wednesday!!! you'e so got this!

  3. Cannot wait to see!! I have drywalled before, so not fun!! Will def hire out next time. Hang in there. It is going to be fabulous!!

  4. I know it'll all come together perfectly!

    Can't wait to see the final reveal on Thursday.




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