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Bestie gifts!!

sursie ... noun.  An inexpensive but unexpected gift. 

I love to give happies  ... I truly find nothing more satisfying then to give to others!  It is common for me to think of someone or see something ... wrap it up and pop it in your mailbox!  I absolutely love leaving sursies for others!

This year I decided to make my bestie gifts early and give them out on December 1st so they could be used all month long!  I spotted adorable gold glittered mugs at HomeGoods and knew they would be the perfect gift for those I adore!  I snatched up all they had and then planned the goodies that would go inside!

Wrapping day!

How fabulous are these?  I spotted small packages of three K cups in the holiday section and snatched up enough to split among my gifts.  Around the corner from the coffee I discovered darling little boxes of bark and knew I had hit the jack pot!

(via Google images)

I grabbed up a few varieties of bark and loved how easily they fit into the mugs.  Stuffing the bottom of the mugs with shredded paper (one day I will show you my workroom of shred hoarding!) and then placed the bark and two K cups in the top of the mug.  Seriously ... it could not have fit better!

Each gift was made special for the bestie ... some had plaid guest towels in the back, some house ornaments and each of them was tied with velvet or gingham ribbon and adorned with a darling gift tag!  

I could not have been more excited when I set out to make my deliveries!!  

And then yesterday I woke up to happy texts and Instagram messages!

Clearly they love their happies!

And my heart is full!!

Dear best friends are few and far between.  Those who will bring you soup when you are sick and make sure your babies are cared for.  Those who know you well enough to know when things hurt you and when you need to laugh.  And those who will share their true busted can of biscuits selves with you because they know your love isn't based on anything at all.  I am lucky enough to have the best!  And I intend to spoil them rotten!


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  1. I love this! Sursies are one of my favorite gifts..... fun to give and fun to receive. I really wish I lived closer to you so I could share a sursie with you! Much Love!! Judy Soltis



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