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Simple Details = #fabulousdetails

This post from 11 Magnolia Lane's Holiday Open House requires a Sunday post!  It is just that good!  (oh, and I may be blogging to keep my mind off the reality that the hubs is gone again after less than 48 hours home!)

Back to the fabulousness that is Pam!

This house tour is sooo good!  As in, pour a second cup of coffee, kick back and enjoy good!

Let me give you some specific deets as to why it spoke to me!

I am dying to own a flocked tree!  Dying I tell you ... and sadly unless I flock my fake one myself it won't happen.  Although ... that is not above the possibilities for next year!  I just love how it makes all the ornaments pop.  And her tree is just magical!

This kitchen is sick good.  I loved it during the One Room Challenge and its even better now.  That vent is just beyond fabulous.  Her blue and white accents and vintage ornaments are just perfection!

This picture is one of my favorites!  That cake plate full of ornaments speaks to my love of vintage!  The bowl of cuties, love it!  The trophy full of greenery, brilliant!

And this picture?

Hold please ... I need a moment to catch my breath!  I have that planter and the brass stand is just toooo good for words!  Those candles ... love them!  And the turquoise ... it doesn't need any raving.  We all know its to die for!

And lastly ... this picture makes me so happy!  I love her packages, a girl after my own heart with coordinated wrapping, those bookcases and that sweet pup.  I just want to hang out in this room for hours!

Simple Details is a great blog ... one I read daily (in my blog roll) and I suggest you do as well!!!

Merry Christmas Pam!

Well done!

So many more homes to come!  EEK!!!!


1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, you sweetheart, Paige! I'm blown away by all your kind words, and completely honored to be included on a SUNDAY!! Btw, I forgot to tell people the brass stand goes with my punch bowl. :) xoxo



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