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The Lawyer house at Christmas!!!

Thank you so much for all the love on our home yesterday!  It was such a fun day of hearing from so many of you.  I got texts, comments, emails and calls and every single one of them made me happy!  I truly wish I could have every one of you over for cheese, cracker and champs!  And I could send you off with a to go cup of cocoa!!

My precious, precious friend Amanda snapped the pictures for me!  She makes our home look nothing short of magical!  I love you sweet girl!  xo  And I owe her more than a thank you ... the day she shot the pics I was under the weather and she showed up with a smile, lunch and her pep made me feel so much better!  Besties truly are gifts from God!

Her adorable office is the Holiday Open House on 11 Magnolia Lane today!  It is absolutely amazing in its pink, green and Lilly happiness!  Just love every detail!  Check it out ... you are in for a major treat!  xo 

I am posting our house post on my blog as well, so I am able to link it in our house tour.  I did include more pics today ... most of them close ups, so you can see more detail.  And I added comments, some informative, but most of them just my thoughts!  I am truly so excited to share our decorations this year.  I didn't do much decorating last year (super busy and still very much in the grief state) and this year I was really excited to unpack things I hadn't seen in two years!  It was almost like Christmas morning while I was unpacking!  My home is my favorite place to be and I enjoy it most this time of year!  

The pics ~

The entry ... 

I am a sucker for anything vintage and these houses and trees are an addiction of mine.  Thank goodness I have only one!  BWAHAHAHA!!!

The study ... 

Those darling gift tags are courtesy of Emily McCarthy.  Bestie and uber talented artist!  And I couldn't be more excited that she is expecting ... and this time its a GIRL!!! 

Have you seen these daily printables from Lindsay Letters?  They are nothing short of amazing!!  I used the gift tags as ornaments and I just love the pop of watercolor goodness they add to the tree!  And I have had so much fun rushing to the computer each day to see the new print!  I gave a set of these tags to Amanda the day she popped in and she did the most amazing thing with them!  I may be stealing the idea for myself and hanging a garland in the dining room for my Dirty Santa party next week!  She is one #smartcookie!

And yes that is a gold antler in the tree.  There are many of them, actually!  Thanks Angela!!  She sent me a box full of them and I sprayed them gold and stuck them in the tree!  I think its pure genius!  xo

The Lilly Christmas print details can be found here.  It make the whole desk a much happier place for me!  Since I am from Central Florida and the hubs is from Palm Beach ... we can't get enough color in the house.  Pink, yes!  Blue, yes!  Green, oh heck yeah!  And Lilly ... bring it!!

Pink poinsettias are by far the happiest color!  My Nana loved a poinsettia, in fact it was the only flower she ever had in her home.  Passing them in the house makes me think of her.  Actually, so many things make me think of her.  I miss her so!

It is truly the season of JOY!

Pups galore and more vintage ornaments ... two of my favorite things!

These ornaments from Caroline are to die for.  I can't say anything else about them.  I ordered a dozen and gave half away.  It was the perfect choice, pinky swear.  However, I need another dozen STAT!

The den ... 

Those bookcases are about to get a dose of wallpaper in the back so I am super thrilled they were shot to remember the before.  Soon they will be all green Greek key happy!!

My bestie Natalie's love for carnations and their ruffle goodness is rubbing off on me!  Aren't they amazing here!?  Jingle ... these make me think of you.  So wish you were here!  xo

It is rarely photographed due to the judges paneling and the light available to the room, but Amanda captured it perfectly!  It is a very cozy room and it is where we gather as a family the most (except for the kitchen table) and I love a fire and my family snuggled with me.  It may be my favorite place to be!

The brass swans did not escape bow-ing.  Not much did, actually!

Funny story about those pink stools.  Last year when we got snowed in here in Atlanta (crazy, I know!)  I ordered them from Target.  When they showed up a week or so later the hubs thought I was bat crazy.  I absolutely love them!!!  

This tree got a strand of white lights yesterday and it was just what it needed!  I love this little gold tree and its vintage goodness!  I gave it to Lance last year and he lovingly let me borrow it this year.  I mean ... possession is 9/10ths of the law.  Yes, I am married to a lawyer!  

I just love that the den opens up to my favorite nook in the house ~ 

The pink bamboo bar!  That Meg Braff wallpaper is soo fab!  I am so glad I took the plunge!!!

More Emily McCarthy goodness!

I love the reflection of the den in the mirror!  EEK!

No pup was left un-bowed!  xo

And yes it is overkill to have a bar cart next to a bar ... 

but I have one there anyway!  xoxo 

My antique clock from my Nana and my favorite tole tray from Lawyer's mom.   Two things I always loved seeing in their homes and now will be passed down to my children.  I am thrilled to have both items but would rather have them here with us instead!  I miss them both so very much! 

The pink room ... 

Isn't pink the happiest color in the world?  You just can't be anything but happy in a pink room!

More pups, more bows! 

All dressed and ready for Christmas dinner!  

The breakfast room ... 

And the kitchen!  I just noticed that you can see where I was playing around with blue and white plates above the hutch.  I have wallpaper to install in all the areas you see yellow and I moved the green majolica plates and was in the middle of hanging blue and white ones and then I needed someone to help me place them and I forgot.  Ha ... there is proof that things are always moving around here!  I am pretty sure the rest of the blue and white plates are still on top of the hutch and the hammer is with it!

I just love the plaid details in the kitchen, plaid is one of my signature colors!  

Hee, hee!

It's timeless and I am a huge fan of mixing plaids.  The more, the merrier for me!

I just love how the season looks in our home this year, it feels magical to me!  I just love walking down the stairs and the lit tree meeting me!  I love that it is the only thing in our house this time of year that never is turned off.    And most of all I love the tiny manger ornament that hangs on our tree that reminds me why we decorate, celebrate and share the joy!

Thank you so much for reading!

Merry Christmas from the Minears!



  1. Happy is the best word I can think of to describe your home. Happy AND Beautiful!

  2. So in love with your happy and beautiful home!!!

  3. Your blog and home has instantly become one of my absolute favorites! I am so happy I found it! I love how you mix patterns and colors, what a gorgeous happy home you have created for your family and it is especially wonderful with all of your Christmas decor.

  4. omg, i am moving in with you girl! I had ever realized your house is glowing in such wonderful, preppy color! I LOVE that pink dining room and the Meg Braff paper in the bar...seriously stunning! I'd love for my shop to look like your HOUSE! wanna help me stage? happy holidays! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  5. I love your house --- so colorful and fun! I need to go back and study each and every one of these images... so inspiring!!merry Christmas!! xoxo

  6. Love all your color! Merry Christmas!

  7. Get the champs ready. I'm coming right over - be there in about 7 hours. Your house is so perfectly you!!! Love every detail to the moon!

  8. I adore your fearless use of color! It's fantastic :) Happy Holidays!

  9. You have the perfect , cheerful and cozy home.... so many gorgeous details! Come over and help me shop for my home in Johns Creek, I'll supply the bubbly!

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