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Inspiration du jour ... #qualitytime!

I am a huge love of quality time!  I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me that my love languages are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation!  I will toss a to do list out the window for some quality time with a friend or family!

And that says it all ... because I do love a good To Do List!!!  I actually think its the crossing off items with a sharpie that I am addicted to the most!

This winter break was perfect for filling my quality time bucket.  We spent hours watching family movies, drinking cocoa (boozy for moi), playing games and soaking up time together.  I was one conflicted mama to see the end of the break appear.  I love lazy days with not one thing on the calendar to complete!

But ... all good things must come to an end so back to the grind we go!

A little look back ... 

Little Bit and I splurged on sparkly nails and who doesn't feel amazing with glitter on their nails?

Numerous rounds of cards, Life, Wii and this fun game, Scrambled States of America.  I stink at anything Wii unless of course you are speaking of Dance Party.  The kids are embarrassed at my moves, but I own that game.  At least I say I do!  I also pretty much reign at the game above ... but the rest is totally owned by my children.  The middle schooler is dangerous at rummy and usually beats me but the oldest is quite a card shark and I never win with him! 

I took selfie after selfie with my new Selfie stick and my family was not amused.  As you can see this face is a little ... "you have taken four and you still want one more?"  I absolutely love that Selfie stick.  I mean, you can squeeze all kinds of people in your pics!  

Girls game night included a fabulous punch and a game of Lilly Monopoly.  Well, truth be told it was a lot of punch and more and more "who's turn was it".  We ended up chatting the evening away and eating yummy snacks.  Perfect evening for me!

And ps ... Lilly Monopoly is the cutest game I own.  Love the pink and green and Palm Beach sites.  Best purchase possibly ever!

Mix in 10,000 movies ... including Cocktail, Pride and Prejudice, The Family Stone (x2), Tequila Sunrise, Hunger Games (both), Divergent, Pitch Perfect (so excited about the new one) and so many more that we watched partials of ... I hate when I start a movie in the middle!  ugh ... 

We finished up the vacation with a fabulous day of bowling and lunching!  I always do enjoy a cute pair of shoes ... though, these would be much cuter in preppy colors!

Like these!  I absolutely love to bowl ... and of course by game 2 my score improved only to be beaten by all three kids.   They are quite competitive!  

It's back to school and I am struggling to believe that my oldest is in his last semester of high school.  He has already been accepted to two different colleges and is waiting on two more.  Looks like he will be close to home, so I am thankful for the small things!

I am already planning our next vacation ... hopefully to something warm, I am freezing my buns off in Atlanta this week! Brrr...

Happy Monday!


1 comment:

  1. Sounds perfect. I hear ya on the school front. Baby girl starts her last semester at Baylor next week and then on to grad school. Hopefully we will know where by March!!



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