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Sag Faves 2015

I absolutely adore a red carpet event.  I plan for them and am known to pause the TV if I am rudely interrupted by my littles.

The SAG awards red carpet was nothing short of amazing!  Way more than I could have imagined and this has me even more excited about the Oscars!  If the gowns at the SAGs are this good ... the Oscars will be over the top.  I can just imagine every stylist scrapping their original plans for bigger and better ideas after the showing on Sunday evening.

My favorites for the evening seem to have a theme .. they were all black. 

Yes please!  
She was show stopping!  I just love every single thing about this.  Her dress, the shoes, her hair and her lips!  

Love this!  Love her.  She is edgy and fun and can pull it off and does so flawlessly.  I would love to be besties with Emma Stone.  

To die for!  Nothing else needed!

Love you Julia.  You look amazing and neckline is flawless.  Its perfect without the peeking side boob which seems to be a trend.  Menswear score for you!!

I love to see bloggers create dress to room pairings from the amazing couture seen.  Holly's post on this is spot on ... and has me in awe.  Read the entire post here .. but here are two of my faves ... 

The one in the middle is to do for ... and the full pictures and details are on her blog.  If you don't read it ... add it.  Holly Phillips rocks!!

Happy Tuesday!


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