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Inspiration du jour ... #snowdays

Today the littles are home under the threat of winter weather.  For Boston that means another ridic amount of snow, and in Atlanta that usually means ice, sleet and the possibility of the smallest amount of snow ever shutting the entire city down!
I am perfectly happy with the county cancelling school to be extra cautious.  I would much rather have the home and a long weekend than the stress and sheer fear of last year trying desperately to gather my chicks and spending hours being trapped and unable to get to them.

And yes those would be abandoned cars left for days while people walked home, stayed with strangers and a whole community pulled together to be there for each other. Complete and total nightmare.

In my prayers that will never happen to any single person ever again!

So I am happy to have my littles home, a fire crackling and snuggled up in sweats, socks (yes both are shocking for moi) and eating endless bowls of soup and chili!  I have caught up on any and everything in my DVR and am currently counting the hours until the Bachelor this evening. 

I swear I won't get sucked in season after season and it always happens!

I am no Ina Garden in the kitchen ... but I can make a mean round of walking tacos and taco soup, both of which are currently in my kitchen.  I do what I can to avoid the hourly ... what do we have to eat from the 4+ children in my house!  Something about the freezing wet weather makes me want to make pots of warm meals and sit around mindlessly eating for hours.  It's like my body is convinced I will be snowed in with no way to find food.  Clearly ridic!

We tend to be fancy with our walking tacos ... I may not be a huge cook but I can style up almost anything and tacos are just asking to be styled!  Start with a bag of Doritos, mix up your taco meat (ground white turkey for moi), add shredded cheese, cilantro, chopped tomatoes, chopped avocado, sliced jalapenos and a dash of salsa. They are simply di-vine!

Oh, and don't forget the shredded lettuce.  It is by far the most important part.  I have been known to tie of eating in the bag and make a salad starting with the shredded lettuce at the bottom and working my way up.  A touch of salsa is the perfect dressing ... or you can add ranch.  I am telling you this dinner is complete foolproof!

It is 4:39 which I have deemed 5 somewhere and I am headed for a cocktail and probably some more nibbling!

Stay warm!


  1. Icy here. So much for warming up.

  2. Enjoy!!! Being from Indiana I always giggled when my mama (a Memphian) talked about Granddaddy buying every sled the hardware store had when they predicted snow. I totally understand, but every snow day brings a memory of her telling the story with a smile!



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