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Modernism week ... The Show House

There is a lot going on in California this week ... the Oscar's are in full prep mode for Sunday (beyond excited!) and Palm Springs is a buzz with Modernism Week's Show House.  All the vintage fashion and the modern elements are so intriguing to me.  It's something straight out of a Slim Aaron's photo.  And I absolutely love Slim Aaron!
The Christopher Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Show House is open all this week and the photos I have seen are nothing short of ah-mazing!  The colors of the blue sky and the green grass have transformed the entire property into a contemporary property that could have stepped right out of any photograph from the 1960s.

Of course, I am biased when I say that the den designed by Parker Kennedy Living is my favorite.  But truly ... it is!  The sofa alone is show stopping but paired with the remainder of the room its absolutely incredible.  

That sofa, the table, that rug.  I die!  I think this is by far my favorite shot.

And this one ... that sofa is just too good.

Isn't it DI~VINE??

The remainder of the show house is just as amazing ... and the LA Times wrote a fabulous piece on it yesterday. The pictures had me drooling.

And if that wasn't enough ... Kelly Golightly recently recreated that iconic Slim Aaron's shot in Palm Springs and it appeared in the New York Times yesterday.  The original shot is beyond ... and to have been asked to recreate the shot almost 45 years to the day with the same two models from the original shot.  And then to appear herself in the new shot. 

I would have died.  And I am sure a piece of her did.  Talk about bucket list.  


Read more about it here.  Kelly is one of my favorites to follow on Instagram for her Slim Aaron style and amazing photo shoots.  She and her husband Fred make quite the team!

Happy Friday ... hope your weekend is nothing short of amazing!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely words! Shooting Poolside Reunion truly was a life-making moment.

    And that couch was my favorite at the CK Show House too! I only wish I had gotten a better photo of it.

    Kelly Golightly



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