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New York ... the lessons

I truly believe that God teaches us so much through our friends and elders.  If you sit and listen you can gleam so many amazing lessons and words of wisdom.  Things that make me stop, turn and say ... that is GOOD!

The week in New York was just that way for me.  I was blessed to be with a wise, precious older woman who taught me so much in such a short amount of time.  She is someone I crave more time with, someone who I could sit and listen to for hours and never hear enough stories.  She is someone who will never be too old to live!  I absolutely adore Iris and my love affair for her grows by the minute when we are together! 

Iris believes to stay young you have to be young.  You have to know what the young are doing and embrace it.  She is 74 and after a few days of seeing the rest of us on Instagram she signed up.  The thought of not doing what we were doing was just not acceptable to her. 

More than one dinner was spent listening to Iris stories.  She is brave, funny and not afraid of almost anything.  She is short but tough, quick witted and with a smile to change the whole day. 

I started taking notes about day 2 on my phone.  I was not about to miss one #Iris-ism.  And when she got irritated at someone she knew was just in the wrong she told them so.  And I was front row not about to miss out on one second of it.  She is short but not to be messed with ...

She has experienced heart ache and still laughs and lives.  She deals with tough people and situations and does so with grace. 

She loves her child fiercely and will brag about them all day long to anyone who will listen.  Its addictive and amazing and I love her children too although we have never met just from listening to her love of them.  

She is unique and precious and wise.  

(Iris told me to take her picture, post it on Insta and call it "Iris riding in a limo" ... and so I did!)

And I will soak up each second we have together!

1 comment:

  1. We truly could learn a lot from our elders if we just stopped and took the time.



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