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Chinoiserie Help ... #thoughts?

Chinoiserie : a style in art (as in decoration) reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs; also, an object or decoration in this style.  

In my words ... a timeless style incorporating all things I love.  For me that is bamboo, pagodas, foo dogs, blue and white, birds, bold colors and a lot of white. 

This week I received an email from a precious reader asking if I would help her pull together her living room.  She is in the process of adding Chinoiserie elements to her home and is stuck in her living room.  Oh girl ... this happens to all of us.  It truly takes a village.  I can not tell you how many texts I sent to my besties asking for final design help.  I send pics with the text "thoughts?"  all the time.  And they never even mention that yesterday I sent the same text with different options.  One of the reasons I keep them around!

Tiffany ... I am happy to help.  And I must tell you, I absolutely love what you have done so far.  I found myself looking at your pictures and thinking ... #yesplease on each one of them.  

Let's see if I can help you pull this together ~

This is her entry way.  Amazing.  Love the walls and love the runner.  So much goodness.  To the left in the picture is the room we are working on and to the right is the dining room.

This is her vision for the dining room in either drapes or wallpaper.  I vote wallpaper with amazing pagoda style cornice boards and drapes.  With wallpaper on the walls you could do a simple solid for the cornice and drapes.  Blue of the birds belly with pink piping, white with pink piping or white with the deeper blue piping.  Any of those would be fantastic!    That paper is the

This window in the master bedroom of the Parker Kennedy Living boys is exactly the design I am thinking of ... and in solids to pop off your paper.  #perfection

Ok, now the living room ~

These are Tiffany's side tables which she painted herself.  Love the green, love the hardware and those lamps are everything.  Styling ... yes!  So much goodness to work with girl!

Her accent chairs ... aren't these babies amazing? She found them and had them recovered ... truly so much great stuff to work with ... I absolutely love the details of these chairs!

Here we are with her current status.  She has abandoned the idea of blue in the back of her bookcases for grasscloth.  I think that is perfect ... an amazing back drop for all of her blue and white and chinoiserie accent pieces.  

Let's get to work ...

For the sofa ... We need pillows.  I love the Thibaut South Seas.  It is the perfect blue for your space.  And anyone who has seen my last One Room Challenge knows I have a love affair with that print! To mix with this we need two larger pillows where the pinkish ones are now.  

How about any of these ...

Two green Society Social color block pillows.  I love the green ... and green color blocked with the pool is fantastic considering your choice for the dining room.  I also love it color blocked with latte or beach.  

Above the sofa I would recommend a mirror and blue and white ~

I absolutely love either of these mirrors and if room allows I would add sconces and a large blue and white plate.  I would get a navy mirror and use gold for the sconces.  It would also be just as fabulous in the reverse.  Its blue and white with gold.  You can't go wrong!

This mirror and sconce presentation is amazing ... but I think you need larger sconces and a blue and white piece.  

Since the floral chair isn't staying I don't need to address it.  That Dana Gibson pillow however must stay and should be in the center of the sofa ... at. all. times!

For the mantle and bookcases you need a larger white, gold and blue and white presence.  I would move the pups to the side table and focus on the sides of the print.  I love the blue and white that is there.  Just add to it ... and my rule is there is never enough blue and white.  Ever.   I love The Pink Pagoda for statement blue and white pieces. Jennifer is the!  The rest you can grab when you see.  Start small and add on.  A room is hardly ever finished.  I love a work in progress!

The elephants at the top of the bookcases are amazing and they should stay for sure.  I would fill the bookcases with books and frames.  Goodwill is an amazing source for books to style.  Lance has taught me to buy cheap books, remove their covers and use them to add color to the room.  I would buy blues, greens, white and pink and stack them in all kinds of ways. 

My guest room bookcases ... styled with books from Goodwill.  They are so fab ... and everyone comments on them that stays in our suite!

In those amazing pink chairs ... I would add these pillows.  Make sure you get the pair of them, one girl and one boy. They are show stopping!!!  I may ask to borrow them.  Its perfectly ok if you decline!

Tiffany ... thank you so much for emailing me and asking for my "thoughts?"!  I hope you love!  Your house is AH-MAZING!  I love that you told me you are adding elements to your house that aren't really the thing in your area.  It's your home and needs to reflect you.  The neighbors will be asking for your sources before you know it!

Happy Friday!!


  1. This is going to be a great room! Love her taste and your ideas, Paige. What pattern is the bird wallpaper?? I want!! ;)

    1. Isn't it amazing? It is Cole and Sons wallpaper and the pattern is called Hummingbird. Her choice and an excellent one!



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