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Is it really March?  Wasn't it just Christmas?  How in the world does the time speed by quicker each year?  I promise you it was just President's Day and now we are preparing for Easter.  How does this happen?

Looking back February was a quick but busy month!  I guess it is the lack of days, really just an average of 2, that makes February zip by?  Honestly ... I am in shock that we are just a few weeks away from spring break!

I thought I would take a sec and review the posts for the month of February.  Watching the numbers I am trying to post more of what you like ... to keep you coming back!  xo

February's most popular posts ~

And the most popular post by a landslide was this one ... 

I am so glad you loved that post.  I stepped out on faith writing about it not wanting to show my true issue ... and you loved it!  I am loving the freedom of this lent season and I can't wait to write about my experience!!

Happy Tuesday babes!

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