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Inspiration du jour ... #bestieweek

Last week was amazing.  More than amazing actually, but I don't know how to better describe it other than ah-mazing!  I might be more exhausted than words can describe ... but it was worth each hour of sleep I missed!

My bestie Natalie was in town for the week.  She was coming for the ASO Decorators Show House and Gardens opening night party and made it a full week's adventure.  When she asked if she could stay the week I immediately responded with a YES PLEASE.  A bestie for a whole week?  Oh yes, I am all in!

Before she arrived we made a list of the things we wanted to accomplish ... and although we didn't get them all done, we had quite a fabulous week!

1.  Kate Spade
2.  Lilly Pulitzer

3.  A meal at JCT Kitchen
4.  Jeni's Ice Cream  (to go while watching Scandal)
5.  Work for her
6.  ASO Gala
7.  Dry Bar for blow outs (cancelled Friday appts ... it rained!)
8.  Bestie chats
9.  Jack Rogers
10.  Lash extensions and Manis

And as the week progressed we added quite a few adventures to our list ... 

11.  Lunch at Neiman's Cafe

12.  Late night acquisition of Snowballs from a nearby tree

Don't you just die over those lanterns?

13.  Install with Parker Kennedy Living at ADAC

14.  Rescue of a perfectly fabulous chintz sofa
15.  Reflexology - incredibly relaxing 

But of course ... the highlight of the week was the ASO Opening Night Gala!  

Lance, Me, Natalie

The Parker Kennedy boys designed the library and if you haven't seen the sneak peeks then you are about to pass out from the fabulous colors and furniture ... 

That Fromental paper is ridiculous.  As in ... the best paper I have ever laid eyes on in my entire life!

That sofa and those gorgeous blue velvet chairs ... the eye candy is just beyond ridiculous!

The whole house is to die for actually.  I will post more pictures of it ... but of course my heart lies with the library!  When I tour a show house I always love to pick out my favorite things that I could bring home and do in my own house.  This room they created is just amazing.  I can imagine holding parties in this room.  Sherry from Design Indulgence commented that it was the perfect library for 5:00 pm cocktails.  

Now if only I was Patricia from Southern Charm.

We truly had such a fun evening.  Amazing designs, yummy drinks and dress up clothes.  #yesplease!
Love this girl.  Love, love, love her!  Her heart is just so big and that flower is beyond words!

And per usual ... we ended the evening at the Waffle House.  Nothing says fabulous evening with best friends like a double order of hash browns!  And maybe a waffle or two on the side ... 

And I love the looks on their faces when we walk in all gussied up!

Thursday was a press and blogger event for the house.  It was so good to see familiar faces and I absolutely loved watching people's reactions to the amazing room of so much color.  It received some amazing reviews, as it should, and people just love PKL work.  Each room they complete just gets better and better!

After lunch the boys treated us to lunch at the Blue Ridge Grill.  As a party of 14 we had a table downstairs which Natalie styled beautifully.  

She grabbed flowers from the house and some of my blue and white pieces and of course put it together beautifully.  

The boys treated their guests to an advance copy of Steven Stolman's book ... 40 Years and Fabulous.  The book details insight and rooms from the Kip's Bay Decorator Show House.  The gift was absolutely perfect considering it was attended by friends and sponsors for the ASO Decorator's Show House and Gardens.  

I came home and immediately scoured each page.  It is incredibly well written, very Steven Stolman and the pictures are absolutely incredible.  It's so fun to see so many rooms over the years.  We were discussing at lunch at how incredible it would be to have a book for the ASO Show House now in its 45th year.  

What a gorgeous treat!

And yes she tied each book with silk ribbon and hand lettered each tag.  
Her talent knows no end!

What an incredible week with such fabulous memories!  

Happy Monday loves ~


  1. Oh, to win a big lottery payout and buy that gorgeous wallpaper! If it were a big enough payout I would just buy the whole house. Why bother with hiring a wallpaper hanger when you're fabulously wealthy!

    1. Winning big in lottery is not that easy the chances are rather slim. Still there is nothing impossible, see thelotter review, and there is always a chance. Wish you luck!

  2. I adore the picture of you with the snowballs! Looks like a wonderful weekend you two had.That wallpaper is to die for!

  3. what a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The show house library colors are to die for-- the blues, pinks, yellow and green scream fun in a formal space! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Thanks for sharing.



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