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Inspiration du jour ... #ORC2015

The biggest story in the blog world this month is the One Room Challenge.  Linda from Calling it Home has created this one of a kind challenge for designers and bloggers to transform a space in their home from start to finish in just six weeks!

Six very short weeks!

Are you following along?  I am part of the linking participant group on Thursday and one of 150 linking partners.  150.  One hundred and fifty!  That is a huge group with tons of amazing things happening in their homes.  I have been addicted to my computer reading each and every update both in the Wednesday group and my group on Thursday.  I have so many rooms I love and so many blogs that are brand new to my radar.

Here is a small snippet of that goodness ~

Shannon from Burlap and Lace is transforming her living room.  I truly love every single thing in her plan.  That federal mirror is two toned with black and gold and it is making me want to paint my own.   But that sofa, that sofa makes me swoon.  Wanting a new sofa myself I can't stop staring at that one.  Another day, another project!

Mallory from Charming in Charlotte is killing is per usual with her guest bedroom makeover.  First of all those bamboo side tables from Target was a genius move on her part.  Chic and the perfect price!  She painted her dresser the most amazing pink this weekend and the Instagram pic is to die for.  

I just adore her work and her sweet self.  Your slaying it girl!  xo 

Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda is always a favorite of mine to watch in the challenge.  I love her style and her entry way from October was nothing short of AMAZE-BALLS!  I do not complete a challenge without art from her amazing Etsy shop.  I can't wait to chose my art this go around!  She is making some changes to her den this go around.  I an not wait to see what she does with this already amazing room.  Currently she is working on those bookshelves ... 

with this drop dead fabulous pic as her inspiration!  It can only turn out fabulous with inspiration like this!

Abby M. is so much fun to follow.  Her bathroom from last spring sparked so much of the desire I had to make over our master bath in October.  She is creating an office this go around and her desire to create a fabulous space for herself is so incredible.  Life throws you some serious curve balls and I just love how she is making it all work together for good.  She is precious and I just love her spirit!

Her zebra fabric choice is the  Mari Robeson is on my radar in a big way.  Big.  Huge!

You are inspiring sweet Abby!  xo

Katie from Miss Dixie grabbed my attention with this picture.  She is making over her hall bathroom and I don't care if she doesn't do anything more than share this picture.  Wow ... gorgeous colors and what an amazing mix.  How can it not turn out drop dead gorgeous?

I absolutely love where her head is ... and that fabric is the best!  I die!

And this bathroom makeover by Tricia of Suburban Bitches is going to be nothing less than ridiculous fab!  I absolutely love that wallpaper from Meg Braff and the rest of the details are just divine.  I love every single thing she has featured in this design board.  

I say it a lot, but it is true.  The One Room Challenge is just Christmas morning each week.  The updates are addicting and the inspiration a plenty.  Some of the rooms literally take my breath away. Not that Spring Break is over it is time to get my room back in gear! 

Oy!  Why is it the to do list for a room makeover never seems to end!

Happy Monday loves!

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo! Thank you for including me in this awesome round-up! I can't wait to follow along with your makeover...can you believe it's already week three?!



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