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ORC ... Week 3

Welcome to week 3!!  

Or, as it always seems to be for me ... the week I completely freak out and wonder what I have done!
You know ... the week when everything you have planned and envisioned has to be adjusted and a new and better plan needs to be made.  

Yep ... I am right on schedule! #entermajorfreakmoment 

If you need to catch up you can read up on week 1 and week 2.  I am in the process of transforming our laundry room from just a room I try my best to avoid to a fabulous space on the main floor of our house with organization heaven!

Let's recap ... 

Here is the vision board ~

And here is the to do list ... 

My plan:
1.  Crown molding on ceiling
2.  Brass sputnik
3.  Lacquer/High Gloss cabinets
4.  Skirt for the dreaded utility sink (thinking this baby may need to leave!)
5.  Fabulous window treatment
6.  Remove door for extra space
7.  Mud room area
8.  Wallpaper two walls
9.  Rug
10.  Bench for seating and shoe storage
11.  Paint ceiling
12.  Manage dog food
13.  Manage cleaning supplies

Now let me share all the things I had to change to make a new fabulous plan.

The brass sputnik (#2 on the to do list) turned into an amazing brass chandelier from Shades of Light.  Well, my bestie Natalie is here for the week and the first thing she said when she walked into the laundry room was that the light was way too big for the space.  Umm ... what did you say?  Yes, apparently the light I fell madly in love with is 31" by 24" ... or WAY TOO BIG for my tiny laundry room.  

So ... I shed many some super sad tears and immediately pulled the trigger on this chandy instead.  I intend to leave it natural so as it will not take away from the brass chandy heaven which will have to be moved to the study.   I am working on embracing the new chandy since I had already proposed and planned a honeymoon with chandy number 1.  

Next issue ... 

The contractor bid for my built out wall (#7 & #10 on the to do list) came back scary high.  As in ... you want me to pay you WHAT??  So, it looks like I will be building it out all by myself.  Yep, little ole me.  He is coming on Saturday to do the crown molding and move the cabinets on the w/d wall up for me so as soon as he finishes I will begin my master build out.  

Sort of freaked out and overwhelmed ... but where there is a will I will make a way.  

Next issue ... 

Decided to rip out the utility sink (#4 on the to do list) so no cute skirt required.  Instead I will be using a Container Store storage unit for organization.  I am so excited about this little change.  But, of course, a change means 19,000 other things need to be adjusted.  Yada, yada, yada.  

Ok ... now on to the most amazing happenings of the week!

First of all ... I am thrilled to share with you that I along with the green fabrics I have shared I am incorporating some amazing Emily McCarthy for Cotton + Quill fabrics to the mix!  I just love both Emily and Mary Catherine and I could not be more excited to add both of their work to our laundry room!  Mary Catherine and I worked on which fabrics would be the best fit for the wallpaper and I am thrilled with our choices.  That pink is just the pop I was looking for!  Emily is a dear friend of mine and to be able to use some of her designs has me beyond giddy!!  For now I am keeping mum on how I will use the fabrics ... but they will both have a prominent spot in my completed room!!


And lastly ... art.  Y'all.  I have the most amazing friends.  Seriously I have to pinch myself so many times to remember I am not dreaming and yes I am truly this blessed!  To give you some back ground Monday of this week was the worst day.  As in I had to tie my hands together to keep from indulging in the wine at 9 am bad.  Not a good day for us.  Ok, truly it was worse than that.  In the middle of dinner with besties I receive a text from the precious Emily of Chez V.  I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I would love to have a piece of her amazing creations for my room.  Not only did she say yes, but she texted me a completed picture of her work.

I was so overwhelmed I cried.  I texted her and we chatted and then I cried again.  Not only is it amazing but her heart was so kind and genuine behind gifting it to me.  It is fantastic and I can not wait to get my hands on it and have it framed for the space.  And it will get along so well with the Pink Pagoda art which is a requirement in a One Room Challenge for me!  

And please notice how she printed out my wallpaper and matched it perfectly.  #overwhelmed #blessed 

Next week I will have a completed build out and a space ready for wallpaper and paint.  

As in ... picture overload and finally some real work. 

For now follow along with me on Instagram and of course check out the amazing progress of the Wednesday crew and my fellow linking partners in the Thursday crew!

See you next week!


  1. looking good Paige! Mrs. V is one of my absolute favorites and love what she has created for you!

  2. I understand your infatuation with chandy 1, if I may be so personal with your true love, but I have liked chandy 2 for a while and I think it will be fabulous in your ORC!!! Besides which looking at the ceiling the entire time in such a small room would be hard on your neck. You can now put chandy 1 somewhere where it can be admired from many angles and friends and family will get to look too - you don't have to break up!! Also, if you spent all your time behind the laundry room door with chandy 1 we would begin to think you had a nippin' bottle in there and had taken to laundry and cocktails!! it's all good and fabrics are to die for!! Loved that EJM fabric since she started posting it - especially the flamingos.

  3. It's all coming together just fabulous Paige. Thank goodness for besties that'll be honest with our choices. I love both chandeliers, they're gorgeous.
    I'm great with a paint brush and caulk, so let me know if I can help finish off that built in. I'm super impressed you're tackling that yourself. You can do it!
    Love watching your ORC Transformations... Always a highlight.


  4. It's all coming together just fabulous Paige. Thank goodness for besties that'll be honest with our choices. I love both chandeliers, they're gorgeous.
    I'm great with a paint brush and caulk, so let me know if I can help finish off that built in. I'm super impressed you're tackling that yourself. You can do it!
    Love watching your ORC Transformations... Always a highlight.


  5. What a fun fabric!! And how sweet is Emily?!

  6. Love the light fixture! I think it's going to be fabulous, but all your spaces are!!!


  7. I love the fabric selections and loved Chez V's creation! and of course anything Pink Pagoda is amazing....this will be so good!

  8. Isn't great how one person's kindness can change your day around for the better. Good luck on building the built out wall!

  9. Paige, this is going to be one chic and amazing room!!! I really love the PB chandy you have selected, and of course your wallpaper/fabric selections! I am a HUGE fan of Emily's... I always knew she was insanely talented, but I didn't know she is an artist as well! Such incredible work! Hang in there... it is going to be so worth it!

    The Glam Pad

  10. Looking forward to reading the next updates for this come to be fabulous laundry room!

  11. got a lot going on! But seriously that art from Chez V. is the bomb! Lucky you:)

  12. Loving the progress, Paige!! This is going to be so great. Can't wait for the reveal! xo

  13. Paige, everyone is giving back the love that you give them. Sorry to hear the chandy is too big. It will be a happy accident, for sure.

  14. I adore the new chandelier choice. That artwork is so lovely--I'm looking forward to seeing it in your completed laundry room. Good luck with the built-ins!

  15. Love the new chandelier!!! The space will all be perfect AS ALWAYS!! So excited to see it come together! xoxoxoox

  16. This is so gorgeous Paige! LOVE the fabrics & I can not wait to see how you use it! And that artwork is so gorgeous! Oh and that chandelier. This is going to be so good! :)
    Tricia @ Suburban Bitches



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