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End of the year ...

Yes, another school year has come and gone!  

Why oh why does time move so fast as they grow older?  

This year was a little different from most since our oldest was finishing high school.  Normally on the last day of school I would trade their back packs and tennis shoes for new swim towels and flip flops ... but this year we immediately went from the end of school to numerous graduation festivities.  Of course, not before I was able to shower our precious teachers with end of the year happies.  

Since this year I have not only teacher gifts to give but also graduation gifts to buy for all of the oldest best friends I went back to one of my favorite items from the years I owned a monogram business ... the monogrammed cooler.  

The Igloo Ice Cube cooler is the absolute perfect size.  And of course with a monogram it becomes the perfect gift.   I purchased both the blue above and red and then customized them as I needed for teachers and grads.  This one was for the youngest's home room teacher.  Not only is she a beloved teacher but also a dear friend.  Since it was the last day of school and I knew she wouldn't be leaving the campus any time soon I packed it with ice and her favorite sodas.  

After falling madly in love with my monogrammed coffee mugs I ordered some adorable gift tags from the precious Anne of Color Links.  She has the most adorable gift tags and she was so kind to work with me on colors and fonts to get exactly what I wanted for both myself and the mini me.  

Mine of course are pink and green with a pagoda.  The detail in the cards are incredible.  The back of the cards are just as pretty as the front.  

Don't you love them?

I may have been more focused on using my new gift cards than the reason I was using them, which turned out to be a good thing since it was such a emotional week for me. 

I have my eye on a few happies in her shop to add to my wish list ... 

How adorable would these be for the mini me to give to her friends?  She is begging to have her own phone which we have declined but she could share these with her email and text information for her I-touch.  

Maybe that will appease her for the next two years!  That baby girl is way too young for a phone!

And these flat notes!  I love them.  Anne included one with a note to me with my order and I immediately started checking out the card before I even dove into the happies in the box.

Smart girl that Anne!

I am off to create more coolers ... we have a lull in the beginning of the week before our graduation party this weekend.  I am so excited to be surrounded by family and friends as we celebrate his amazing accomplishment.  I remember graduating from high school and thinking my life was just beginning. 

I am thrilled to be along for his new adventure!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That first pic of all 3 of your kiddos - precious.

    1. I absolutely adore it!!! If I can figure out how to lighten it more it will be my Christmas card photo ... though it does look good in black and white too!

  2. Where did you get the big monogram done for the cooler? I love it.

    1. Thank you! I cut vinyl monograms and have for years ... I cut it myself! xo

  3. Congratulations to your boy (and his mama) - such a fun time of life beginning for him!

    The gifts? Absolutely adorable - must monogram my small cooler I take when it's just me & the boys. xo



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