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My love of vintage bamboo ...

My Florida roots have always inspired my love of vintage bamboo.  I grew up in Central Florida in the 70s.  It was a sea of bamboo.  Bamboo chairs and side tables, bamboo place mats and napkin rings, bamboo clutches, bamboo shoes ... I even think my mother had a pair of bamboo shades she wore with her white crochet bikini on Saturdays to the beach!
I am not sure I loved it as a child ... I truly didn't know what it was other than something I was used to seeing at every turn.  My bedding in college was a peach and green print with flamingos and palm trees with tons of bamboo details.  I am sure my room mate was thrilled to see my preppy self show up the first day.  I was paired with a senior engineer student who was sure I was the dumbest thing she had ever laid eyes on.  Maybe to her I was ... but my side of the room was way cuter than hers!

 As I grew up and eventually moved to Georgia my love for all things colorful and bamboo didn't change.  Our first house was full of yellow and blue and florals galore.  Tons of toile and chinoiserie elements.  It was the mid 1990s and I was working those patterns.  As I look back at pictures it is quite busy and overwhelming ... but my love for color and pattern is very apparent.  Our second and current house is much more fitting with our Florida roots.  Tons of color, vintage furniture and a nice mix of bamboo.  We are blessed to have inherited so many items from both our grandmothers so most of our vintage furniture has a lot of meaning.  Everywhere you look we have pieces that were totted up from south Florida in moving trucks from either Jupiter where the Hubs grew up or the Orlando area where my family lives.  If it is old and has a history for one of us it definitely lives somewhere in our home!

Thrifting for bamboo in Georgia is not an easy feat.  It is hard to find and the prices reflect the demand for Palm Beach Chic.  My hunt for a few pieces for our home has been harder than I planned.  When Lance mentioned on Saturday morning that he had furniture he needed to pick up from Palm Beach very soon we both quickly decided that soon would be Saturday and we headed straight on 10 from Seaside to south Florida. 

24 hours to thrift in the Palm Beach area?  


We had dinner and drinks with the amazing owner of Nest Delray Jennifer and her darling husband, Peter.  They met us in downtown Delray Beach and treated us to some much needed down time, wine and sushi before our late night shopping spree. 

These leaf chairs immediately caught my eye and with a YES from Lance they quickly made it into the yes pile for me.  Paint and fabric and these just became my His and Hers chairs for the dining room. 

One task ... CHECK!

Oh yes, that mirror is marked for the mini me's bathroom.  It is a tad smaller than I originally wanted but the details are worth every single inch I lost.  

Those lamps with appear in a show house this holiday season.  Keep your eye on those!

Her shop is beyond fabulous.  It is eye candy at every single turn styled with incredible furniture and accessories that would make any house nothing short of fantastic. 

Those lamps ... I died.  I tried so hard to think of just one space I could squeeze them into in our home and came up empty handed.  I may or may not have a thing for lamps.  As in ... I have way to many to even use!

But they are truly divine!

The outside space was full of spun fiberglass heaven.  If only our deck was larger I would have purchased numerous pieces.  Spun fiberglass is incredibly comfortable and perfect for Georgia summers!

And her storage shed ... I almost passed out.  I wanted to just throw my body into the top of it and body surf my way thru.  Tons of incredible bamboo, hutches, chairs and dressers.  I truly could not believe my eyes.  These lattice cushions were piled up from chairs and I wanted to take each one of them home.  

But of course, side chairs aren't on my need list.


I do however have a major need want for a new hutch for the kitchen.  Our current one doesn't work for our needs and it just seems to be taking up more space than it does giving back.  

I spotted some potentials in the Nest storage space and I am hoping Jennifer can provide something fabulous.  I can just see it ... white lacquered, amazing gold hardware and full of my blue and white pieces from my in laws.  


It would complete my want list for the main floor.  

Dare I say that ... 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Wow! I followed on instagram and was amazed. These pics are even better. I can't believe those chairs you purchased. Ah mazing. I just bought a bamboo chair at my local thrift store. It's on my instagram feed. My in-laws have a place near Naples and I am thinking next time I am there I am going to have to shop the vintage shops. I bet there are some great bamboo pieces there too! Her shop looks incredible. I would have broken the bank.

  2. I get it - bamboo furniture is a part of my lowcountry/Charleston childhood Summers. The porches were filled with bamboo and wicker and faded tropical floral fabrics!! And it was inside the house too. Topped with blue and white vessels filled with flowers from the yard. It's not hard to see where my design taste comes from either!! I kind of want to move into that shop in Delray. I love Delray beach anyway and your chairs are to die for. can't wait to see them all zhushed up Paige-style!! (And yes, thrifting for bamboo around here is tough!!)



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