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ORC ... The details

Wow!  What an amazing response to our laundry room!  I am still blown away by each read, comment, re post and pin.  I am absolutely thrilled with the space and it is so fun to see each of you love it as much as I do.

And I have said it before ... why does the laundry room have to be boring?

I am a girl who loves the details ... each and every one of them in this room bring it together to make a whole space.  Today I would like to break down some of the details in the room, some "behind the scenes" thoughts with you on how I made the choices I did.  Some of the decisions that go into a space are random and actually work together perfectly, and others are well planned to make an impact.   For me there were a lot of randoms in this space that fit together like love at first sight!

1.  The fabrics ~

I originally chose three green and white fabrics to play off the Rifle Paper Co wallpaper.  I picked them out ... sampled them and found them to be a perfect match.  Check, check ... let's pull the plug and order them.  Every single one of them was out of stock.  And back to the drawing board I go.  Almost at the exact same time Emily McCarthy released her fabrics for Cotton + Quill and I was seriously in shock.  Two of them were perfect for the space.  I mean they were meant to be together. 

I emailed Mary Catherine who agreed and I ordered them immediately.  Luckily for me custom fabrics never go "out of stock".  I am so thankful that my original choices proved to be unavailable.  I absolutely love how the patterns mix and walking by and seeing Emily's creations mean so much to me.  Everyone's home should be filled with art and fabrics people they care for created!

2.  The window ~

As you recall I originally wanted a monogrammed roman shade for this window.  I had found a picture I loved on Pinterest and I was dead set on it being the final idea for the space.  

And then I started to question my decision.  How would I feel when my family decided to pull up the shade (for some strange reason) and my monogram was all folded up in shade chaos?  And the window needed more than just a shade ... so monogram the shade and then a plain pelmet?  I was not pleased with my thoughts and back to Pinterest I went.

I pondered each option and truly listened when I asked for your advice on the window.  Once I decided to monogram the pelmet there was really no need to have a roman shade made.  I began to question my original decision on having a white shade in this room and bamboo blinds on the rest of the back side of the house.  That was just a bad, bad plan.   I scooped over to Lowe's for their perfectly priced bamboo shade and then to Lewis and Sheron for fabric options.  

When I tell you I spent less than 30 minutes in L&S that die I do not lie.  I was on a tight schedule and I needed to complete a ton of tasks.  My to do list was a mile long.  This match come together in a flash and was absolutely perfect.  I pulled the pink buffalo check and then scored the trim in the clearance shelving.  It was a perfect match. Perfect!

To say I was thrilled was an understatement.  I may have skipped out of L&S ... but they wouldn't be shocked, I have done it before!

3.  The hardware ~

I knew what I wanted for pulls.  I could see them in my head.  I just couldn't find them ... so in a last minute decision I married two pulls into one to make the one I saw in my head. 

It was ok, I had to paint the front to match the back and I just went with it.  At the time nothing was working so I just resigned myself to it just being hardware.  

It is just a pull.

And then Jennifer posted her plan for these pulls on her update.  I literally stopped reading her post mid sentence and ordered them from D Lawless Hardware.  They were what I wanted and way more.  I mean ... look at the scallop detail on the back.  

To die for.

I say it a lot but it is 100% true for me.  I read each and every room each week for inspiration.  There are so many incredibly talented people working on amazing spaces and the inspiration is like none other.  If I had been too busy to read her post that day I would have missed out on these pulls.  And that would have been incredibly unfortunate for me. 

Thank you Jennifer for the inspiration ... they are ah-mazing!

PS ... my first pull may have ended up in the trash when the new ones arrived!

4.  Mirrored frames ~ 

Having art in the space was tricky for me this round.  I didn't want the frames to struggle with the wallpaper which felt so much like art to me.  I just love this paper!

I lucked out finding these frames at Home Goods and was pretty sure when I bought them they would be the perfect transition between the wallpaper and The Pink Pagoda art.  The mirror makes it work for me.  And for $14.99 each I was more than sold!  

Don't you just love him?  The color and the detail is so good!

Thank you Jennifer for always making my desire for art come true!

I am still receiving emails and comments on the reveal from Thursday and every single time I get one I am blown away.  I knew I loved the room and it is so exciting to see it received so well.  I hope it has inspired you to create a space you love in your home the next round.

Push yourself and join in on the fun ... mark you calendar for October!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love this space, it is totally amazing. You really did a fabulous job. I wouldn't mind being in this closet at all.

  2. I love how you are brave and mix your patterns. The more patterns, the better I say!

  3. Where did you get the wallpaper please?



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