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Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co has quickly become a household name after only 4 1/2 short years.  What started as a little business in the garage apartment of Anna and Nathan Bond has exploded into the international brand we all know.  An American company where everything is printed in the United States and based in my hometown back yard ... Winter Park, Florida. 

The business started with stationary and has expanded to include gift wrap, coasters, books, recipe boxes and many more items.  They caught my attention with their new line of wallpaper.  

I just love everything about this company and their darling founders.  I had the pleasure of meeting Nathan Bond in New York in February at New York Now and what impressed me most was how kind and funny he was.  We met twice, once in passing on the way back from lunch and the second in their booth.  The whole time my dear friend Natalie was chatting with him and his amazing team I was distracted by the wallpaper behind him.  I just couldn't stop staring at it.

I first fell in love with Pineapple in Mint ... but who hasn't.  I just loved the massive pineapples and the gold details made me swoon.  

When I looked at the paper swatch with my blue and yellow kitchen I just stopped thinking it would be a bad match in the end.  I would love both rooms separately, but would I love them together?

Then I switched my attention to the blue version which I also loved.  I almost pulled the plug on this one, but the what will I pair it with bothered me.  The wallpaper I have picked out for the kitchen is so dynamic and I was afraid the punch it would make would be lost if I chose yet another blue and white one.  In the end I had to walk away.  

In the end I fell madly in love with this one ... the third swatch I ordered.  Immediately I loved all the pink and green details, and of course I could use more of my blue and white porcelain obsession collection.  I hesitated for a few days and then happily pulled the plug.  

It was perfect for me.  

When I ordered the paper I read the details box to make sure I knew the size and repeat and happily discovered this text below ... 

"I originally made this pattern for a Rifle
Paper Co. wrapping sheet and I've always thought that it would work great as wallpaper.
It was one of the first patterns that we incorporated into the collection." - Anna Bond

Absolute perfection in my eyes!  I can't wait to reveal it's new home in our laundry room on Thursday.  You will love it just as much as I do.

Off to hang and style ... Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  1. I have always loved that pattern. Cannot wait to see the reveal.

  2. Hi Paige, I was just in the Rifle shop not too long ago. I love shopping local. Can't wait to see what I'm imagining to be an ahhhhmazing reveal! Your pal from Country Living Fair 2011, Becky

  3. Truly gorgeous papers!! I am going to check out all of their goods!

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