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White House Wednesdays ...

Happy Wednesday!  

I am so in love with every single white house I see I may need to make this a regular series ~ White House Wednesdays!

I am not sure why I am drawn to a white house ... I think it started with my grandparents who lived in a white house and although it didn't have black shutters, it did have black awnings.  And I loved them!  For me a white house is timeless, classic and the perfect backdrop for a colorful door and amazing yard.  

It oozes perfection!

Every single time I spot one I fall in love.  

It doesn't have to be grand or on a large piece of land.   

The simpleness of it makes me love it so.

Paired with window boxes works nicely for me ... 

but it doesn't have to include them or even a large yard.

The details on a white house are what draws me in ... I mean just look at those bay windows!

And of course all colors look so amazing on a black and white canvas!

Don't you agree?

Thank goodness its almost a 100 here today or I might be tempted to paint my brick today.  And that would not be a good plan ... the Hubs would come home and freak out

At least its a bad plan for this week!

Images via Pinterest.


  1. I have wanted to paint my brick white every day since I moved in many years ago. It may be why I paint so many other things white!! :) trying to compensate for my lack of a white house!! Our first house was white, it's always my first choice and I have a promise from my hubby that I can paint he next one white!! I'm with you on the white house thing!

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