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Independence Day Weekend ...

Are you getting ready for an incredible weekend?  

I haven't been able to do much with my new accessory ... but I plan to decorate and celebrate for sure! 

I am beyond excited that the 4th falls on a Saturday this year ... that means more fireworks, eating, and hanging with our family.  And that is a win, win in my books for sure!

I am prepping the porch today with pillows and bunting and hydrangeas!  
And tons of mini flags!

Is it July 4th without a handful of mini flags to wave?

I found this amazing photo on Pinterest the other day and will be doing this to our front door today!  I have quite a few of these fans and some amazing stars.  Lawyer is set to make me a wire wreath from wire hangers for the base and I have some fabulous stripe ribbon to hang.  I may be short one strong foot ... but I can make this work for sure!

Seriously?  What would we do without Pinterest?

I have made Lawyer a menu of amazing food ... he is the best cook in town!  We will be eating well and all the food will be festive for sure!

Doesn't this simple fruit salad look amazing ... I plan to add basil and mint to mine.  
Refreshing and yummy for sure!  And the best part ... It can be eaten as fruit ... or added to ice cream and shortcake for an even better plan!

This is my go to super yummy strawberry cream cake from Whole Foods ... this year I plan to add a ring of blueberries at the bottom and sparklers at the top!  

I absolutely love the cake each year on my Blue Willow.  So festive and so simple!

Like this!  Isn't it divine?  I will have to fix the top of the cake ... but that is easy peasy!!

And looks like I slaved all day to make it fabulous!

I have set out all my favorite red, white and blue clothing ... including my yearly Lilly glow in the dark sparkler shorts!  EEK!  I have gathered tons of sparklers and even found some darling long neon ones!

Just need to shop for food and sit back and enjoy the long weekend of family, besties and independence!!

We wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July!  Independence and freedom aren't free and our family is incredibly grateful for every single person who allows us both our independence and our freedom!

Happy 4th!!

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