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June Roundup ... #0615

Seriously ... this year is flyingggggg by!  Oy ... I probably should start Christmas shopping next week.  

Am I right?

June was a fast and busy month for us and a little month in review is always a good thing to remind me of what we did and all the fun we had!

I fell in love with Honeysuckle Lemonade and have been drinking it on repeat ever since!

We hosted a fun graduation party on the lake and had such an amazing time celebrating the accomplishments of our oldest.  Watching them grow is so bittersweet ... 

I fell madly in love with dark blue and decided the kitchen and dining room needed some love!

I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and learned so much about how to rest, what to eat and how to feel so much better!  And to let myself relax in the mean time ... 

Had so many fun play dates ... and of course any time you can add an umbrella to your drink is a good thing!

We celebrated an amazing Daddy for Father's Day with movies, cookouts and Scrabble marathons!  Family time truly is my jam!

We ended another summer swim season with an invitation to compete in the State qualifier this Saturday.  Go girl!!!  

I broke my left foot ... 

and as others cared for me I once again discovered the meaning of LOVE!

We prepared to celebrate our country's birthday with red, blue and of course pink and green!

June ... you were a great month!


  1. Paige! What a month of ups and downs for you! I too feel like this summer is just flying by way too fast. I love all your little touches like umbrellas, special lemonade, and pretty blue and white. As they say, make every day special. I have also become obsessed with navy. I love those two photos you shared. I'm in the process of doing our media room and think I am going to paint the bookcases navy with a seafoam interior. I'm still in love with Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy even though I am sure most people are over it. I hope your June is smashing! already broke your foot. Not smashing---spectacular.

  2. Yes, the summer is flying by!! I feel like there is never enough time to do all we want and planned to as unexpected things like car accidents and broken feet take front and center ;-) Praying your July is uneventful in a good way. I remember your mentioning on IG that one of your son's BFFs is attending Baylor this fall. We are hosting the Send-Off party at our home on August 1st. Would love to have he and his family attend.



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