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Inspiration du jour ... #blueflow

I recently purchased my first piece of Blue Flow pottery and it was love at first touch.  The rich blue colors that bleed into the edges speak to the navy lover in me.  

I think this is a love affair that will quickly grow into an obsession.

Blue Flow pottery was first made by Staffordshire, England potters about 1820.  The   
blue and white color is highly popular, just like the traditional version, but the flow of blue comes from the edges being blurred with deep rich color.  

I absolutely love the blurred edges creating such a gorgeous rich blue color.  I love how it pops in my blue and white collection with these old and treasured pieces.  Some of the pieces I have found are chipped and less than perfect, and these I seem to love the most. 

I happened upon an amazing collection of plates on our anniversary weekend and literally squealed in delight.  That is until the Hubs put the "no way baby" on the three stacks of plates which were priced at $34 each.  

I do understand his rejection of my desire ... however, I am still dreaming of those plates.  

They were beat up, chipped and literally little slices of heaven.

Flow blue is hard to find in antique stores and reasonable pieces are even harder to come by ... I guess that is why I get so excited when I find pieces.    

How amazing is this pitcher?  With pink, yellow and white roses it would be incredible!

So far I have gathered five pieces ... three plates, one pitcher and one bottom half of a compote.  All of which I have no desire to sell and am currently finding a space for in my super sketch butler's pantry.  

As in ... it is currently a storage closet and I am converting it to a butler's pantry. 

A project to be revealed when I actually make it work!  

Until then ... I will continue to hunt and scour for blue flow and squirrel it away in my closet. 

I have a desire to create a blue and white wall of plates in the pink dining room.

Don't you think it will be amazing?


Happy Monday!


  1. Childhood memories... my mom has a collection of Flow Blue and I remember scouring antiques shops when I was growing up to help her "spot" blue and white treasures. It is gorgeous stuff!!!

  2. When I was 17 I found a pitcher in a shop in Chicago. Still have it these many decades later.

  3. And then you can call it the "Great Wall of China" like the rest of we B/W collectors do!

  4. I love Flow Blue. My mother-in-law has a collection of blue and white plates from England that were her Great Uncle Fred's. We still call it Great Uncle Fred's China. She has a full set and the blue has "flowed" because they have been hand washed carefully for over 100 years. They are all pristine and are eaten from about 2 times per year. I have never seen another piece of it. It looks like intricate blue and white lace on the outside and a floral pattern in the middle. I'm falling more and more in love with blue and white than ever before.

  5. If only you had published this blog post last week, you could have scored big. There was a HUGE collection at an estate sale that Peachtree Battle Estate Sales had in Lawrenceville this past weekend. I'm still kicking myself over several things that I passed over when I was there on the first day of the sale that weren't still there when we went on Sunday to pick up a piece of furniture that we had purchased but had to leave as it was full of things in the sale. Think hoarder situation. The 90+ year old whose estate was the heart of the sale had a serious collection problem. The house was packed to the gills with all sorts of glass, porcelain, furniture, etc. In fact, about 500 of the best things are going into an auction at Ahlers & Ogletree later this fall (Faberge, Limoges, etc.).



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