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No Labor For Us ...

What an incredible weekend we had ... and I was skeptical since I am never a fan of saying good bye to summer.  

But who wants to say goodbye to long days, easy living and tons of quality family time!

Not moi ... 

We were invited to spend the long weekend with our dear friend Iris in Sea Island.  She emailed and I didn't even think about it ... I immediately responded.  #yesplease.  The youngest had an early release day and so we hit the road about 1:30 and even though we hit traffic, traffic and more traffic we arrived safely Friday evening just in time for a long chat and a cozy night's sleep.  

Sweet Iris treated us to a fantastic weekend.  She is one of those amazing women I will adore my entire life.  I have adored her since we spent a week in New York together at the New York Now show.  Iris is just an incredible woman.  

An invitation to spend four days at Camp Iris?  Oh yes, throw those clothes in a bag and let's hit the road.  Plus ... since I had spent most of the summer with a cast a beach trip was not in the cards for me.  This was the perfect ending to our summer.  Sea Island ... here we come!

Since the traffic was crazy ... I started a finished a book on the trip.  I can highly recommend Elin Hilderbrand's The Rumor.  I am a huge fan of her books in the summer.  Easy to read and always a great story!

Each  morning we were greeted with a cool morning and a stunning home!  Could you not stare at this view every single day?

Coffee by the pool was absolutely perfect!

Manicured to perfection ... with so many amazing plants and trees.  And she has the only Eucalyptus tree on the island.  How cool is that?

The entire house is a square and is built around an atrium.  The living room has amazing sliding glass doors that open to this incredible space.  As you walk the halls ... this is the view from each of the four sides.  Nothing short of incredible.

Each morning started out with a walk on the beach with her dog Molly ... and watching Molly run up and down the beach is just the best.  The shelling is incredible and each day the kids came home with bags full of whole shells, sand dollars and more oyster shells for me.  

 One morning she treated us to breakfast at her favorite restaurant ... the kids were beyond thrilled when she pulled up to the Waffle House.  The kids who were already smitten with her were now full blown in love.  

And yes, those are fuzzy dice in her Mercedes.  

Other mornings were lazy long meals over pancakes for the kids ... 

and crackers, cream cheese and lox for us.  

We spent most of Saturday at the Beach Club ... beach, pool, beach, pool, slide, pool, beach, repeat.  The kids loved every single second of it and I loved how I could sit in one place and they were safe and completely entertained.  #bliss.

 Perfect weather, happy children and incredible view, life doesn't get any better.

Orchids for days ... if only this one had fit in my Louie.  Lord, that is gorgeous!!

Classic stripes never go out of style.  Striped chairs, striped towels ... perfect beach club decor.


And pots like these for days everywhere I looked.  I snapped this picture to remember what mine need to look like on the porch next summer!

So lush, perfect combination of green and the terracotta made it so good!

A sunset trip to the pier with a little shopping added in ... 

dinner at Brogens ... 

and one quick late night selfie and our first day was a huge success!!!

Sunday was spent sightseeing and Monday was spent enjoying the house during a rainy, lazy day.  

Like I said earlier ... #perfection 

We may or may not have gone back to Southern Soul for takeout Monday night ... it is just that good!!!  It was the perfect way to pretend it wasn't raining and flooding.  

One of my favorite things of the weekend, besides soaking up the sun at the Beach Club, was drinks at the Lodge on Saturday evening. The Lodge was completed deserted when we arrived ... the were cleaning up from a wedding.  The entire Lodge was booked for the wedding of the owner's son, so no one showed up for drinks and eats to watch the sun set.  It was as is we had booked the entire place for ourselves.  

Martini for Iris, bourbons for us and Shirley Temples for the kids.  

Yummy eats for us all and a fire pit all to ourselves to make s'more after s'more after s'more.  

We felt like royalty.  

Truly the whole weekend was amazing.  We are leaving this morning relaxed, filled with love after Camp Iris and completely in love with the island.  

We will be back ... possibly in two weeks!  #eek!!!

Happy Labor Day ... I hope you send off to summer was just as magical as ours!!

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