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To Hang or Not to Hang ...

My name is Paige and I am a plate hanger.

I hang quite a lot of plates and I am perfectly fine with that. 

In fact ... when I see a plate in an antique store that fits my collection I immediately picture it hung.

Yep, I am that girl. 

But apparently I am in good company.

Charles Faudree

I get a lot of questions about my preferred method of hanging.  I am a plate hanger girl.  Having lost more than one precious treasure to bad hanging I will hang a plate any day with a good old fashioned plate hanger!  Yes, my plates jiggle when the kids run through the house, but everything does actually.

My preferred plate hanger are these from Amazon.  They are plastic coated and won't scratch your plates.  And yes, I buy then in dozens!


Happy Hanging ... 


  1. I love to hang plates too! I use the yellow discs from England. They have worked well for me. I will have to try the ones you use. I have been afraid of scratching with the others I have found. Beautiful pics!

  2. Gorgeous! I love all your pieces!

  3. I love plates! I have a mixed collection in my kitchen; A few are definitely seasonal, so it gives me the opportunity to switch out a few plates every now and then. My favorite find was 2 blue willow plates with a subtle Christmas touch--one has Santa's sleigh in the sky instead of 2 birds. I forget what the other one has, but I love getting them out for Christmas. I use these plate hangers in most places. I also like the yellow dis ones, particularly in my foyer. I've even hot-glued a paperclip to the back of a few plates. 4 years later, still hanging strong! No such thing as too many plates!

  4. I have millions of those plate hangers too even though in my current house I haven't found a wall for a grouping yet! But OH I love your last display - you are inspiring me to get my act together Paige!

  5. I love plates hanging on the wall but my house is modern so I have funky china plates, like from Anthropologie. I have some vintage too because I love old grandma china.



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