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Elf Brunch ...

Saturday morning started bright and early for me ... pulling the kitchen together for an elf brunch for our youngest and two of her darling little friends.  I was beyond excited ... I had shopped, planned and gathered items for a week.  

I made invitations and sent them via email from Paperless Post.  I just couldn't resist these darling little invites!  And since we would be decorating gingerbread houses, they were perfect!

All of the paper products including these darling red silverware sets are from Target.  I popped in and filled my buggy from their precious little Holiday section.  I may or may not have bought just about everything they had!

The premade gingerbread houses are from World Market. I told you Friday ... I shop there all the time!!  I popped in and grabbed three houses and all the candy you see.  The houses came with some and I embellished the rest.  Lots of candy is the key for me.

The girls nibbled on yogurt cups with granola and Christmas Captain Crunch, North Poles (powered donuts and peppermint sticks, strawberries, cinnamon donut holes and pink milk!

Boozy cocoa for us ... nothing like a splash of whip Cream Vodka at 10:30 am!  The darling Cheers napkins are from my very talented bestie Natalie!

The cocoa station was perfect for the morning.  We are known for consuming quite a bit of cocoa this season!

They had a wonderful time and we loved every single second.  It is such a magical time of year and not one opportunity should be wasted to soak up the magic.  I was super sleepy from the party night before ... but it was worth every single second!!

The sparkle in their eyes and the giggles will be something I treasure for a long time!

Until next year ...


  1. How fun is that?!!! Love that the moms got in on the act too. I so miss doing those kind of things with my girls and their friends. They do still make their gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve. We have found that using the Wilton or Betty Crocker squirt cans of icing makes it a breeze and you can have several colors, rather than just white. I know you are all about color!!

  2. Paige, every day is a party at your place! My poor children are soooo neglected . . .



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