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Movie Night ...

The month of December seems to fly by ... with parties and events it seems to race by quicker than any other month of the year!  Two of my favorite things to do this month is to snuggle up in my jams with my littles (who are almost all bigger than me, sniff!) and watch Christmas movies.  If it is an evening where you find me home in December you will most definitely find me in pjs, cocoa in hand watching yet another movie on the Hallmark channel.

It just doesn't get any better!

I have so many favorite Christmas movies, but as a family our favorite movie to watch is Elf.  We have it on repeat, can quote it at the drop of a hat and never tire of Buddy the Elf.

But honestly, who could?  He is the spirit of every child at Christmas!!

Sunday evening we were all home (a miracle) and I found it the perfect evening to watch our favorite movie!

I was beyond excited, gathered everything I needed to make it the perfect Elf viewing and we turned off our phones and just enjoyed our time together!!  And since elves love sugar ... we had a bunch of sugary snacks on hand.  Even the popcorn was coated in caramel and chocolate!

Our perfect movie night includes our family snuggled in our room ... the youngest ones lined up on the floor in front of the tv in their sleeping bags.  Our room has the perfect set up for six, plus extra room on the floor in case the littlest ones have friends sleeping over.  In my opinion, the more the merrier!!


Thank you to Casper for the darling movie night banner!  It made our family time even better since it was personalized for just us!!

We will be in need of a new mattress next year and I can't wait to try out the Casper king mattress. The reviews are incredible and a perfect night sleep awaits me.  Doesn't that sound amazing?

Cheers to your evenings filled with cocoa and sweet family memories!



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