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New Trad Contest

Traditional Home is hosting a contest looking for the Rising Stars of Design.  My best friends Lance and David of Parker Kennedy Living have been nominated as one of Traditional Home #newtrads.  

Not surprising to me at all as this duo is incredibly talented and equally kind.  Their "preppy on the edge" style is easily recognizable in a hot second.

Having burst on the scene in 2011 as the PKL duo they have quickly made a name for themselves as color kings.  Bright, vibrant colors mixed with incredible design.  Is there anything better?

Please take the time to vote for them today.  These boys are going BIG places and you will be able to say you helped them get there!

Happy Wednesday lovies ... 


  1. Congrats to them. And yes, will be happy to vote for those two!!

  2. Look cozy. Love this design, and good for living in.

    Collaboration?Contact us.

    All the best,

  3. I'll vote! I'll vote! I love their bold style. They just seem like the nicest people too!



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