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She Shed Dreaming

Our home is quite the refuge for me ... but there is always a possibility to add an additional space to add in more relaxation.  Since both my husband and I are from Florida our home is a place with a large Palm Beach Chic vibe. Tons of color and then more color.  Of course any outdoor space would also include color and a mixture of vintage and new.  And if you could please add in a pool with an incredible pool house that would just make the perfect oasis for moi.

Chairish asked me to express my vision for a She Shed and I immediately jumped on board. Anything I get to design and accessorize according to what speaks to me is a win, win for sure.  I have a vision in my head, one filled with all the elements I love.

Let me paint it for you ... 

From the house you would walk down a little path with the most amazing stones and perfectly manicured garden.  Clearly some amazing gardener installed and maintains this masterpiece since the word dirt isn't part of my vocabulary.  At the end of path would be a darling little white house that had the perfect hot pink painted doors.  Both of those doors would open and you would find a tiny space perfect for reading and relaxing with besties.  Just large enough for two or maybe four chairs and side tables meant to hold the most refreshing drinks.

Striped turquoise curtains tied with big green bows made of thick grass green grosgrain.  A large bright rug, comfy chairs with amazing vintage pillows and lots of garden stools to hold our drinks. Candles and mason jars filled with fresh cut blooms.  I am thinking lots of magazines to read and a stack of books just in case my small time away turns into something longer.


The inside of the house would also be the perfect combination of pinks, a mixture of medium and hot pink.  There will be no need to hang yard supplies since I am not the keeper of said garden.  I will, however, need a pair of clippers and a basket to gather my flowers to display inside my shed and, of course, inside the house.

I can imagine many wonderful afternoons in the spring and fall and, of course, during the sunsets in the summer where I would sit in the house in my darling chairs absorbing the day and the world around me.  Life is so crazy these days and time to set and reflect should be in abundance.

Drinks would always be served in vintage brass pineapple tumblers with bright striped straws.  All drinks should be refreshing and be accompanied by slices of citrus and extra large sprigs of mint. The shed would definitely come with a no phone policy so that all time spent inside would be quality time with those I love.  And, without a doubt ... bestie time for hours on end please.

Are you getting a mental picture?  Mine is making me want to build this space today and start enjoying it tomorrow!  Since Chairish has the best selection of vintage and antique finds I have done most of my virtual shopping on their site.  I mean these chairs alone are worth a She Shed design. 

Anyone else feel the need for an immediate She Shed?  

Chin, chin lovies!  It's Friday!! 

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