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Spring Sandals under $100

Anyone else so excited about shorts and sandal weather they can hardly stand it?  I am dying to sport new sandals and tons of cute and fab spring and summer outfits.  I see a constant rotation of pink, orange, rose and turquoise painted toes.  I say a big juicy #yesplease to all of it!

I have gathered my favorite sandals for the season all of which are under $100.  Shop quick ... some of them are only on sale for that price.  And just like every single thing fabulous for the season, these too will sell out.  

Aren't you dying?  I have already purchased three of them and three more of them are on my must have list for spring and summer.  And those Top Shop ankle strap babies are already sold out in the poppy color I really wanted.  #ugh

Make sure you turn off your ad blocker to shop the post! 

Happy Shoes-day to you lovies!!!


  1. Oooo - I really like the gladiator type ones with the gold studs - so cute!!!!!

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