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Decorating with DecoratorsBest

I have absolutely loved using DecoratorsBest wallpaper and fabrics in my last two One Room Challenges projects.  With both the Kitchen and Den reveals behind me I love looking back at all the details that were truly my favorite.

In both spaces I started with one thing that inspired me and built the room from there.  I always have a jumping off point when designing our home.  For the kitchen it was the Clarence House The Vase wallpaper.  I had seen the paper in an episode of Lipstick Jungle about ten years ago and I never forgot it.  When I knew I would be using it in the kitchen I was thrilled to see it was available from DecoratorsBest.

Image via Dixie Delights

Truly the paper made the breakfast room.  I love that I am greeted by all the amazing yellow when I enter the back door.  That paper is truly a showstopper for me.  I loved it ten years ago and I love it even more now.

Image via Dixie Delights

For our Taylor Burke Home Kings Grant chairs I chose Schumacher Nanjing fabric.  I loved the contrast with the yellow paper and knew the fabric would work with all of our blue and white porcelain in the room.  The vases in the paper and the Chinoiserie fabric are a perfect choice together for me.  Six months later I am still thrilled with my decisions.

For the Den I started with the bright white walls and pale pink ceiling.  I knew the room needed a serious update and being that it was the last room on the main floor to be renovated it needed to be addressed. If you know me well you know I don't love a white room.  I have never painted a full room white and I was nervous about how it would turn out.  I was thrilled the day I saw the first in progress photo.  The change was HUGE.

Since we chose a green velvet sofa I wanted to mix a bunch of colors for the pillows.  With the Blush Label Bombay fabric on the Taylor Burke Home Evans chairs I had many colors to chose from.  I have loved both the Schumacher Zanzibar Trellis and Scalamandre Chien Dragon patterns for a while and I was thrilled to be able to mix them in the room. I love the result!  The green sofa with all the incredible pillows is one of my favorite spots in the room. 

Image via Christina Wedge

For the bookcases I tossed around the idea of just painting the back.  For a while it was ... ok paint, no wallpaper, no definitely paint, no bad choice, wallpaper ... and on and on.  Finally I settled on the Zanzibar Trellis Canary wallpaper and I am so thankful I did.  The trellis pattern makes me so happy and that side of the room needed a pop of yellow.

Image via Christina Wedge

With such amazing results using DecoratorsBest products it only made sense I would look to them again when working on another room.  Since the den is done and looking fabulous I needed to take another look at my office which is directly next to the den.  A few of the pieces from the den ended up in the office and need a little love.

The walls and ceiling will stay the same. The desk remains, the only thing getting some love would be the chairs I moved into the room and the drapery.  My inspiration for the space when I painted it about five years ago was a JCrew ad.  Full of turquoise and grass green I want to get back to that original image.  Since things have ended up in the space that weren't necessary meant for the space I need to make some minor adjustments to get it back to its original vision. 

The chairs will be covered in Clarence House and piped in blue. The legs of the chairs will be painted as well.  They are fabulous chairs and just need a little TLC.  The white drapery in the room will be replaced with Clarence House Congo Blues panels with green tassel trim.   

Since only one of my fabric choices is currently available on the DecoratorsBest website I will reach out to them to acquire it for me.  Their customer service is incredible.  When my kitchen wallpaper was a major fiasco last fall Ashley Karpf truly walked me through the process of any assistance I needed.  It was not their error in the least and they still made it a priority to help me.  I am incredibly thankful.  

I am excited about the changes for the office.  It it exactly what I envisioned and I can't wait to see it completed!  

Happy Tuesday lovies ... 


  1. Your office is going to look fantastic. I've been wanting to use that Congo House fabric forever. It's so whimsical and classic.

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