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One Room Challenge || Spring Week 5

Week what??  I promise you when you are working on a One Room Challenge the time goes way faster than another other time of the year.  You are waiting to go on vacation ... time crawls by like a sloth.  One Room Challenge time ... blink and it is almost over. 

If you are just joining me during this amazing journey I at the tail end of a six week challenge to transform my den from her 1982 wood self that started like this ... 

And will end up like this.  Welcome to 2016 my darling den!

I am happy to report that after two plus weeks of things going so wrong I may have had many a panic attack things have all come together and are running along smoothly.  The challenge with working with a six week period is there is truly no grace period when the bottom falls out.  Something becomes back ordered and you must quickly scramble and find another option for its replacement. As in ... NOW.  There are no sit around and wait periods.  When two painters quit on me I was literally in complete panic mode.  How do you work on a den that doesn't get lacquered?  Umm ... hello that is the basis for the whole entire room!!!  I am blessed that I have incredible friends and designer friends I can reach out to for help.  And I did.  It was more like a beg than a reach out, but you get the drift. Sherry Hart sent me every single painter she knew, heard of or even saw in passing.  The fourth one I called was a kind and sweet man who rushed over to look at my job and immediately started the next day.  Instead of the five day plus three to cure period I had been working with in the first two quotes, this darling painter and his crew were in and out in two full days.  TWO DAYS. He used a more expensive primer that I am convinced made all the difference.  And of course my Farrow & Ball paint is a game changer!

Are you ready ....

I mean you have only waited five weeks for pics like these.

Are you sure?

One last dark wood photo to give you a frame of reference ...

Are you dying?

Let me assure you that I gasped when I saw the pics.  It was late Thursday night and my oldest sent these pics to me via text.  I sat up in my hotel bed in Charleston and GASPED.  I am pretty sure sweet Emily thought I was dying.  It is sooo good.  I would share more pictures but I am saving the rest of the shock factor for next week.  I know, I am a tease!!

Farrow & Ball paint is a game changer!!!  I have never used such incredible full gloss. This stuff has made both the kitchen and now the den shine like the top of the Chrysler building.  I chose All White. 

The ceiling is the perfect pink!  I love how it works perfectly with my fabric choices.  The color is Nancy's Blushes.  I love the color.  Love. It.

Now that the painting is done I can move on to obsessing over other details.  Like ... wallpaper!!

I must confess the kitchen sort of put me over the edge when it comes to paper.  I love my Clarence House paper, I saved for years to be able to use it and I am thrilled every single time I see it.  I am not happy, however, with the wallpaper installer.  To put it in a nutshell it was a nightmare situation that is still going on.  I was not in the right mind to be thinking of choosing another installer for another wallpaper project.  I was struggling with this and my love of paper.  I had paper in the back of the cabinets already, but I needed a brighter pattern to make it pop.  When my darling Schumacher rep and her boss Benny came to visit me a few weeks back they suggested I use their paper in my room. We quickly chose a pattern and I immediately ordered it from DecoratorsBest who shipped it out the next day.  It was well into week 3 at this point and if it was going to happen it needed to happen quickly.  

Monday evening my darling new installer arrived and 90 minutes later he was done and packed up. The right people make all the difference.  All. The. Difference. 

That Schumacher Zanzibar Trellis in Canary sings.  It might even sing Beyonce to me.  I LOVE IT!!!

Paint ... check.  Wallpaper ... check.  

Rug - 

I am obsessed with this Karastan leopard rug.  It speaks to my pattern loving heart.  And it is perfect to balance all my bright colors in the room.  Isn't it amazing with that Evans chair?  You can see the fabulous pink velvet welt in this shot.

Rug ... check.

My drapery is ah-mazing!!!  When you pair incredible custom fabric from Clairebella with the ladies from Drawn Co. you receive amazing products.  I absolutely love my panels and shade.  Love them!! I can't wait to show you the final products.  They are made to perfection with incredible details like weights and reinforced holes for clips.  And you know I am a detail girl.  Thank you ladies ... they are perfection.  

Drapery ... check. 

I told you ... things are all falling into place this week.  It almost feels like I will be ready in just a few days for photos.  

Let's check in with the master to do list ... 

Lacquer walls - Done!
Paint ceiling - Done!
Wallpaper bookcases - Done!
New couch in amazing green velvet - Done!
Add a second set of chairs ... a pair of Hers chairs - Done!!
Lacquer console table for behind sofaScratch this idea!!
Skirted small console for door area - Scratch this idea!!
Panels for bay window - Done!
Window treatment for door to deck - Done!
Round coffee table - Done!!
Area rug (relocate this blue one) - Done!
Art for mantle - Done! 
Lamps x 4, maybe 6 - Done!
Lampshades - in progress!
Pillows for the sofa and side chairs - Done!!
Style bookcases - Done!
Style room - in progress!

OMG ... I am truly almost done!!!

I am joined by an incredible group of designers this round ... I am pinching myself that I am part of this amazing line up.  Make sure you follow along with their journey, that is by far my favorite part. Each week it is like Christmas watching each room transform. 
Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH 
You can also follow along with our journey on Instagram using the hashtag #oneroomchallenge. And, make sure you are following House Beautiful magazine on Instagram and Pinterest.  They will be showcasing bits and pieces along the way along with live pinning!  This will be an incredible round, and I will be sharing tons of sneaks and pictures during the weeks as the room comes together.  The good, the bad and, yes, the ugly.  Yep, it will all be there for you to see.  This girl room is getting a massive makeover.  Think major plastic surgery with a whole new wardrobe.  You can read about week 1 on the House Beautiful home page here.  I am still so excited reading their thoughts from our first week.  It's so good!!!  

And check the 249 incredible rooms in the Linking Participants.  Holy fabulousness!!!

Off to tackle that punch list ... see you back here next week for the grand reveal!  I can't wait to share my new room with you.  She is almost ready for her major debut!!


  1. Paige, I was literally smiling reading your words pre-lacquer sneak because I can just feel like excitement!!!! EEEEEE! I've so been loving following this journey. You better believe I'm PUMPED to see the colorful, happy, Nancy's blush colored ceiling reveal next week!!!!!! :)

  2. The paint alone will be a huge improvement but I can't wait to see all the color come in. I's loving the shades already!

  3. I can not wait to see the final reveal! I know that it will be wonderful!

  4. The shelves look sensational & obsessed with your shades!! Cannot wait for your reveal!!

  5. OH my gosh this paint job is a game changer! I cannnnnot wait to see more. One more week! xo Kat with Waiting on Martha

  6. Wow! Everything looks just beautiful and I'm dying to see the finished space!!

  7. PAIGE!!! This is looking soooo beautiful! I am super pumped about your makeover! Week 5 is particularly panic inducing for sure. I am scrambling! xo

  8. I seriously adore that pink ceiling! Can't wait to see how your choice in fabrics and patterns come together to make a seriously beautiful and visually interesting space.

    xo Anna Lynn with Waiting On Martha

  9. Looking great! I could use your painter. '-)

  10. Wow...amazing progress! I'm a sucker for white built ins. Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  11. Totally fabulous! I wish I could have shown your before and after walls to my MIL when we were in San Antonio last week. I have helped her with her redo as best I can, living in Birmingham, but I could not talk these 80-somethings into painting that blasted paneling! Why do some people think that just because it is wood or a facsimile thereof, it is somehow sacred, I ask you?

  12. I will circle back with a more appropriate comment as soon as I can process this amazingness, but in the meantime, holy sh*t!

  13. I am so excited to see this fabulous room, all of these sneak peeks are amazing!

  14. Wow Paige! Iam loving this sneak peak and cannot wait to see the final result which I can tell is going to be fabulous, amazing the transformation from the dark wood to the white...whoa! Cheers to smooth sailing from here on in.....

  15. That looks so good!!! I can't wait to see the reveal next week, I think this is the reveal I am MOST looking forward too. All the color, patterns & gorgeousness ohh I can't wait how you put it all together.

    Lauren | Lovely Decor


  17. Fabulous room! Can't wait to see the reveal! I am obsessed with the leopard rug also - I saw it last month in a local showroom in a small size and when I asked to order a larger size they said it was discontinued. Can you share where you bought it? Karastan still has it on their site so I can't believe it that it is not available . . .

  18. I mean... THIS! Just plain amazing. So glad I met you at Southern C because now I can't get enough of the #oneroomchallenge or all your other posts. Gorgeous!!!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  19. Love the built-ins!! I can't wait to see the final room. The colors looks awesome.

    Blue Door Living



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