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Palm Love with Tiffany Erickson

Clearly I am quite a connoisseur of palm anything since I am a Florida girl.  Palm leaves, check. Palm trees, if only they would grow in Atlanta.  Palm prints ... oooh #yesplease.  Just yesterday I posted this incredible shot on Instagram after eyeing it on the feed of the darling Katie Kime.  I might need this canvas in my life in a big way.

I was thrilled to receive my stylist Tiffany Erickson's new installment for the blog and discover she had written about palm prints.  I own a few palm printed pieces but a few clearly isn't enough.  I have my eye on a number of things she chose.  Her timing is perfect with the start of summer just a week away.

Tiffany ... 

A recent visit to the Beverly Hills Hotel awakened my penchant for the of-the-moment palm motif. Only when I realized that this design was over 100 years old and has been replicated since the beginning of time did I appreciate how nature can inspire and delight us.  Such timeless motifs as the palm leaf design remind us of exotic and enchanting places.  The vibrant shades of green juxtaposed with a neutral shade of blush, as the Beverly Hills Hotel does, instantly evokes that tropical paradise feeling ... ahh!!  Although their signature palm design has been around for more than a century, today it's just as refreshing as if it were newly minted.  While we're seeing the palm inspire interior designs, it transcends to the world of apparel and accessories. 

Here are some of my own leafy favorites ... 

If you aren't following TE Style you need to remedy that immediately.  Her style choices are incredible.  She is my go to for questions about new pieces I spy and am looking for different ways to wear them.  I adore Tiffany and you will as well.  And stay tuned, she writes a monthly installment for the blog so she will be here once a month sharing her incredible eye with us all.  

Happy Thursday lovies ... I can see the weekend from here and it is full of palm prints! 

1 comment:

  1. The palm print motif in the hotel is amazing. The architectural space works perfect. A touch of green!



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