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Bar Cart Series ... No.2 The Chinoiserie Collective

I absolutely loved last week's launch of the Bar Cart series and I am back this week with another darling creative and her amazing bar cart.  I met Katie last summer when we launched The Cellar. She was our first purchase, buying the adorable green lamp you see on her bar cart.  She was supportive and purchased quite a few pieces from us and I noticed her immediately.  She had recently started her Instagram account, The Chinoiserie Collective, having a small following at the time. Since then she has exploded posting incredible chinoiserie images and being known for spotting and sharing her amazing finds.  Katie has become a dear friend and I am thrilled to feature her darling bar cart today!

First of all, tell me about you.  How did the Instagram journey begin?

When I began decorating my first "grown up" apartment in the city, I was finding inspiration from all over the place (pinterest, design magazines, online retailers, Instagram, etc...) and i realized I was always being drawn in to the chinoiserie design style.  I would save all these photos of things that inspired me, and realized that there wasn't an Instagram account that was a one-stop-shop for chinoiserie inspiration...a few weeks later I came up with the idea to launch "the chinoiserie collective" to serve as an inspiration haven for all chinoiserie lovers!

What is your idea of the perfect day?

A day at the beach or in Central Park with a basket full of snacks and a bottle (or two!) of wine! 

You have just been gifted $100, what do you do with it?

Bargain hunt on craigslist 

Coffee or tea?


White or red?

white (sancerre!)

Favorite cocktail to order?

gin gimlet or a french 75

What inspires you?

All of the amazing people I follow on social media - from world famous interior designers to lesser known artists who are selling their work on Instagram or Etsy, there is so much out there to be inspired by! 

If I spotted you on a random Saturday what would you be doing and what would you be wearing?

It sounds boring, but I'd probably be running around town doing a ton of errands I never seem to get to during the week, and I'd most likely be wearing something from J.Crew - jeans or shorts and a sweater! 

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I love to relax with a nice glass of wine and a good book!

Five must haves.

-  anything blue and white!
-  a fully stocked bar (including a nice bottle of sancerre)
-  an hermes scarf
-  a perfectly tailored shift dress 
-  my iphone

Favorite quote. 

"I believe in doing the thing you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right." - Dorothy Draper

In January I visited Katie in her  apartment and I can promise you that darling bar cart is even more amazing in person.  Funny enough when I was working on the kitchen for the One Room Challenge Katie and I were texting about fabric she was designing for me.  I sent her a photo of the coffee cart I had just purchased and she immediately responded and told me it was a twin of her darling bar cart. I remember her asking if it had a sliding top and weighed 1000 pounds.  The answer to both questions was an immediate YES!!  Mine is now hot pink and I think of her every morning when I make coffee.  
I love that all bar carts are different and each of us style them in a different manner.  For Katie and her space issue in a New York City apartment the cart is a necessity to hold all of her makings for entertaining.  She is selective of the things she chooses to adorn her cart and it is always stocked and ready to host any event.  I love that she included art and of course fresh pink roses!

Katie's vision for a place to serve as a "one-stop shop for chinoiserie inspiration" was brilliant.  Her posts are a daily inspiration to me and she has grown in just about a year to 21.8K followers.  She is a true testament to being yourself and posting what you love.  Well done sweet girl.  You know I adore you and you inspire me on a daily basis!!

Check back next Friday for another amazing creative and their incredible bar cart!

I am off for a weekend trip to Savannah, follow along on Instagram!  Cheers to a fabulous Friday!!

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  1. Hi, please tell me the color of the blue paint used on the bamboo bar cart.
    Thank you



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