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Father's Day Shopping with Emily McCarthy

The summer is rolling along and Father's Day is sneaking up quickly.  I have done almost all of my shopping and I am sure I am not the only one who needs something more.  My issue with Father's Day is truly finding something special ... that says, "You are amazing and we wouldn't be the family we are without you".  Let's face it ... Daddy's are just about everything and they should be spoiled to the core. 

My darling friend Emily has some amazing Father's Day finds in her Shoppe that can be ordered today to arrive in time to celebrate with your Dad this weekend.  I will be snatching up two of her items to go along with a little something special I am planning for our Dad.  If I didn't already have a theme I would have struggled a little more to decide between all the fabulous items she has for sale. 

Take a look ... 

First of all let's discuss the Cocktail Kits.  These are fabulous!!  They come in five different "flavors" and are perfect for the traveling Hubs.

Of course I am partial to the Old Fashioned and Champagne Cocktail kits, but they all sound amazing.  The Bloody Mary kit would be perfect for a morning flight heading somewhere special, and I am dying to see those tiny pickles!  Packed up and ready for a cocktail on the go they include all the ingredients to create two cocktails.  I promise you the man in your life will be the envy of every single man around him when they create the perfect cocktail at 10,000 feet.   But I don't think you have to restrict this to travel ... I see a picnic or drive in movie night complete with a Carry On Cocktail Kit.

And since our Daddy travels quite a bit ... how amazing are these Shoe Bags?  Perfect for packing shoes for every single occasion.  I love to bag my shoes for travel, it keeps the rest of my clothes clean and my shoes safe.  I so wish these came in pink ... I would order quite a few of them.

And the Shoe Brush?  Darling of course. I can recall many a time I watched my dad shine his shoes the night before work and now I watch the Hubs do it before heading to court or any other big meeting.  Something about a polished shoe ... it just says confidence.

Since I am old school and a follower of Emily Post and her monogramming rules, I leave the bar area for my husband's monogram.  The bar glasses contain his monogram as well as all of the decanters.  I am thrilled to be adding a new decanter with a special monogram just for him this coming weekend. He will be drinking his favorite bourbon out of a bottle with his monogram.  Does it get any more special than that?  Maybe smoking slippers but he might think I was Donna Reed and we don't need to give him any more ideas.  xo

Pop over to the Shoppe today and grab up some fun things for your Dad.  I can't wait to spoil our Daddy this weekend.  We have such amazing plans ... I know he will love each and every one of them and every treasure we picked out for him!

Happy Monday!

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