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Million Dollar Decorating

I was so honored when James Swan of Million Dollar Decorating asked me to participate in a podcast interview.  He reached out via email and to be completely honest I had to read the email three times to make sure I could take it all in.  I am thrilled he asked and it was so much fun recording our podcast which went live this morning.

If you aren't familiar with Million Dollar Decorating you are in for a major treat.  James Swan is an award winning Interior Designer and Author of 101 Things I Hate About Your House and his podcasts are very well known.  Interviewing many talented interior designers and other amazing creatives he "shares secrets from the most beautiful rooms".  His podcast is "the first devoted to the worlds of design, decorating and beautiful living" featuring "interviews with the world's leading designers, decorators, architects and artisans.  Life-style leaders engage in unguarded conversation, reveal behind-the-scenes sources of inspiration and share stories that inspire and motivate homemakers around the world to make their home more beautiful." I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together.

My episode is live today and can be heard here.  I hope you will subscribe to his podcasts and sign up to receive them via email.  You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram. I have truly enjoyed every single one I have listened to learning so many things about designers and bloggers that I know and follow.  And you know I love an interview ... you learn so many amazing things!

Happy Wednesday lovies!!

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