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Bar Cart Series No. 8 ... Emily McCarthy

I could not host a bar cart series and not include my dear friend and amazing shoppe owner Emily McCarthy.  I met Emily years ago via her blog and have watched her grow her brand from a small side business to the amazing website and shoppe it is today.  Emily is amazing, her style never waivers and she is absolutely perfect for today's showcase.

I absolutely love Emily's signature style.  Every single detail is always thought out.  From her amazing style in clothes to her details in shipping a package.  She never steps outside her brand for herself or anything she does.  She has inspired me in so many ways when growing my own brand to stay true to who I am.  She is the designer behind my adorable business card and the design here on the blog.  She captured my style perfectly as she does for every single brand client she works with.   

And, of course, her bar cart is to die for fabulous.  The cart is her own design, a collaboration with Taylor Burke Home.  Loaded up with all of her favorite things and ready to entertain ... 

First of all, tell me about you. How did your lifestyle brand begin?

Over 10 years ago when I graduated from LaGrange college, I began in the wedding and paper industry. From there I've expanded and worked in so many different areas of wedding, paper, monogramming, design etc. Finally, I have been able to create licensing partnerships and make my own patterns so that I've grown myself and my brand to what it is today.

What is your idea of the perfect day?

I truly believe I am now living the dream I have curated for myself. Being able to wake up with my family in our home and go to work at my very own shoppe is the ultimate for me. It's so cliche when people say, "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life..." but it really speaks to how I feel about being able to bring Emily McCarthy Shoppe to Savannah and the online presence!

Coffee or tea?

I would never discriminate against either. They each have a definite place in my day!

White or red? 

Red for winter, White for summer!

Favorite cocktail to order?

I love to order a glass of prosecco with a splash of limoncello, yum!

What inspires you?

Living in Savannah, GA is truly nonstop inspiration. There is so much to draw from - coastal living drives my creative process!

If I spotted you on a random Saturday what would you be doing and what would you be wearing?

You'd spy me alongside one of my favorite redheads, my husband Patrick. We try to make sure date night is a priority for us. We don't have a typical spot, however. Some nights require pearls and gingham, other nights are caftan and tassel necklace types!

What is your favorite way to unwind?

With Rhett and Lillian, (my other two favorite red heads) of course! Nothing beats being able to spend my down time with them and watching them learn and grow daily. I probably have a cocktail in hand, too. 

Five must haves.

Five must haves? Hmm. For day to day: Bright lipstick to liven up any outfit no matter how seemingly boring. For a party: monogrammed folded linen cocktail napkins to be a subtle nod to strong home branding! For night time: a bottle of water before bed to keep myself hydrated and skin looking fresh! For special occasions: A great pair of statement earrings like we carry at the shoppe - they elevate everything! For all around: a great support system. Between my family, my friends, and my team - I am able to accomplish so much with the support I garner from those around me!

You have just been gifted $100, what do you do with it?

This depends, do I need flat note stationery cards or a custom mahogany cutting board? ;) Truthfully, though, I believe in giving back. Part of the proceeds from my shoppe go toward The Next Generation at the Children's Hospital here in Savannah and I would be happy to share the gift of $100 with TNG!

 Favorite quote.

"What's for you won't pass you by" ... Lillian Breed

You can clearly see why I adore Emily ... she is simply put, the best!  I so wish I could spend happy hour with her sipping prosecco and watching the sunset in Savannah!

Thank you sweet friend for joining us today ... love you Em!!

Happy Friday lovies!! 

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