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Closet Organization with Scout

This summer to prepare our youngest for her new adventure in middle school I gave her bedroom a fluff".  New bed linens, new panels and a little more of a grown up feel for her accessories, lamps and side tables.  I also completely gutted her room of stuff.  I mean under the bed, every drawer and every tiny space in that room. It is now free of junk and ready for her to tackle her year as a sixth grader.

I was truly shocked to realize how little organization her room had.  I mean, I am completely type A so why was her room so messy?  And then it occurred to me as I was putting away a few things after the fluff, she didn't have anything to help her organize her space or truly any guidance from me on how to get it done.  I had just told her to clean her room or put things away and never truly either made a space for certain things or taught her how to do it.  The time was way overdue.

And then I walked into the Scout booth at Atlanta's Mart and the birds started chirping and the music started playing.  This was the ideal solution for organizing her space.  It would be functional and fabulous which hits all the right buttons for me.  I could monogram the fronts of her storage containers and she would know exactly what went into every single one of her bins.  I was more than elated, it was truly the perfect answer to my problem.

I came home and measured her closet.  I drew the space about ten times until I found the idea solution for organization that would work for her needs.  She has one dresser in her room that holds most of her folded things but it was the swim suits, swim gear, journals, art supplies and middle school girl stuff that was eating her alive and making me want to pull out my hair.

I then went to the Elfa online design center and planned out how to make my drawing a reality.  I ordered what I needed and got all the pieces ready for the handy man.  I love the Elfa system because anything can be moved as I need it to as she gets older.  And one day, sniff sniff, when she goes off to college I can completely change the closet again to fit her needs then.

I am on a wait list for the handy man to come and install everything for me.  I have all of my amazing Scout pieces ready to go, all labeled for her and ready to place in the closet.  All of the Elfa is here.  I am chomping at the bit to get it installed the moment he texts me and says he is on the way.  I am not a girl who likes to wait, but to truly have it done right I need to wait.

Here are some sneaks of her room so you will be able to visually put it all together.  She wanted less pink and more blue so I toned down the level of pink and added in more blue and green.  I think it is truly adorable!

Now to just get her closet installed ... Come on George, I need you!!


  1. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Love the elfa systems!!

  2. I shop near me that has lots of Scout bags. I'm always looking for excuses to add on to my collection.



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