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Bar Cart Series ... No. 13 Alexandra Calame

Today's bar cart in the series is that of the darling and incredibly talented interior designer Alexandra Calame.  My introduction to Ali came from a third party and three seconds into the rabbit hole of her website and Instagram and I was wanting to invite her over for drinks.  She is absolutely darling and so talented and her path to design is so fun.

A wife and mother Ali started her journey in marketing.  She then jumped into co founding the tech fashion start up site Rack It Up.  Working with the fashion world and attending shows and styling shoots was in a day's work for her.  (Can you tell I am super jelly?)  Purchasing her first home and all of the incredible visual stimulation she experienced working in the fashion world led her to desire a career as an interior designer. Equipped with a degree from Parsons she is now entrenched in the world of interior design and is currently working on a home she recently purchased as her "forever home". 

From the shots I have spotted I am already in love with the home and reading all she wants to do to it has me super excited to see the transformation!  You will love getting to know Ali as much as I have in the past few weeks.  And her bar cart ... so fabulous!!

Don't you love it?  And you will love her interview even more ...

Tell me about Ali ... who is this darling girl who has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time?

If I had to pick a few words that described myself they would be things like wife, mother, small business owner, animal love, and throw pillow enthusiast :). Right now I am loving life as a first time mom. I feel blessed that I have the support of my family while I pursue my passion, but that many days I can also be at home with my little girl. 

Tech fashion startup to Interior Designer ... what has that journey been like?

If you would have asked me what I would be doing seven years post college I probably would have said I'd be working at some law firm, or on Capitol Hill, so my journey to finally figuring out what my passion is has definitely taken some unexpected twists and turns. It took me finally admitting to myself that I was unhappy professionally and taking that leap to head back to school before I could finally start down the path to do what I truly love. In the past few years I have experienced more failure than I want to admit, but every time something didn't work out, or an idea didn't go how I thought it would I have picked myself up and moved forward stronger and more knowledgeable than before. There have been more than a few times when I thought to myself "what am I doing?" but actually seeing Inspired By..Designs launch last year and grow over the the past few months has been incredible. While there is a still a long way to go I am very excited for what the future holds. 

Since I also come from a fashion background (albeit a very different path) I connected with you immediately. Is there anything you miss from that world?

I love that fashion and home decor pretty much go hand in hand. People that have a love for fashion tend to also love stylish interiors so I don't think I am missing out on that much. Just like when you find that one outfit you feel unstoppable in, I love decorating and building spaces that inspire and empower people to be the best they can be. 

What inspires you?

People. People have always been a constant source of inspiration for me. When I meet and talk to other people that are out there going after their dreams it motivates me to go after mine. 

You are completely renovating a home. What are most excited about this process.

I have never been more excited to start a home renovation. However, I have never felt so much pressure to make sure every aspect of the project comes out just right. For some reason picking out paint color and kitchen finishes for myself is 100 times more stressful than picking them out for a client but ,I know at the end of the day, every part of the house will be designed for my family and how we live. It's pretty surreal to think about, but I can't wait for demo to start in just about three weeks!

Five things you think every good design needs.

I don't know if I can pick out five things, but I know one thing every good design needs is purpose. In other words, you can create a beautiful living room, but if it doesn't look inviting and comfortable enough for guests why even bother. I truly believe that you don't have to sacrifice function for style and I try and make sure that one of the first things I find out from each of my clients is how the will be living in their space. 

If we spotted you on a random Saturday what would you be doing and what would you be wearing?

Honestly, 90% of the time on the weekend I'm in yoga pants, sneakers and a tank top, when I have to been seen in public with other people it would be distressed denim, flats and a v-neck t-shirt.

Three things that people would say are very "you"?

- High waisted jeans
- Simple silk blouses
- Black & White Cookies 

Five must haves.

- My iPhone
- A pair of sunglasses
- A great tote bag
- Fresh Flowers
- Scented Candles 

What do you think every bar cart needs?

I would have to say every bar cart needs a good bottle of rose, and a pretty set of wine glasses.

Favorite drink.

Prosecco or sparkling Rose mixed with fresh berries, or if we are going for a non alcoholic drink I love a good Arnold Palmer.

Favorite quote. 

“You are the one that possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.” - Diane von Frustenberg

Isn't she darling??  I love meeting new people and Ali is definitely a fun new bestie!  I connect with so many things she said to me but the best thing she said was how she feels that fashion and design go hand in hand.  

People that have a love for fashion tend to also love stylish interiors so I don't think I am missing out on that much. Just like when you find that one outfit you feel unstoppable in, I love decorating and building spaces that inspire and empower people to be the best they can be. 
I could not agree more.  My love for fashion and styling windows and floor sets has definitely come home with me when I left that world.  I am constantly moving things in my home and restyling it to make it fresh and new.  It truly is like that amazing outfit ... with just different pieces!

Ali, thank you so much for joining me today and letting me share you and your incredible life with my readers.  I have stocked the house with both Prosecco and the last few bottles of Rosé I could locate to be ready the moment you pop over for drinks!

Happy Friday lovies .. Have the best weekend!!

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