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Front Porch Dressed For Fall

It is definitely fall every single place I look.  The pumpkins are out at the store, the fall drinks are flowing at the local Starbucks and the amazing fall clothes are stocked and ready to be purchased and worn at all my favorite stores.  It is still quite hot here in Atlanta, so  I needed to get inspired for the season.  It was time to bring fall to the Minear house!

I wanted new pots for the front steps since the urns I have are amazing but don't really hold much in the way of dirt and plants.  They are perfect for topiairies, but if you want anything more they just don't work.  I moved them to the deck and hunted for a larger pot.  I spotted these amazing planters at my local At Home and loved the brown for fall.  The size is perfect and the color is clearly ideal for our home!

One trip to the local nursery and these babies were filled and ready to usher in the cooler weather we are promised by the weekend.  I love the size of the new planter, I can mix so many different plants to make an amazing presentation.  Since I am not the best of gardener (read, black thumb lives here) I relied on the expertise of the Hubs to help me get the right dirt and good plants for our very sunny stoop.  He loves it when I need his "help".

I love Cinderella pumpkins and the market had an amazing selection of them!  They were not as pricey as normal which is good since my neighborhood squirrels like to visit.  I will be shooing them away on a daily basis I am sure.  I loaded up my cart and was excited to get them home!

Since this pumpkin was as close to pink as I could find it definitely make it into the cart!  Isn't he darling?

I absolutely love fall and the incredible colors ...

I really needed a new fall wreath and I searched high and low and just didn't find anything I really liked.  A few years back I bought some leaf swags and made a wreath with a grapevine base.  It lasted a few years but last year it was faded and just ready to be passed on.  I searched At Home for another swag and found these which I knew would be perfect for my project.

I grabbed three of them and proceeded to tie them onto an evergreen wreath I had.  I was all ready to add a bow and then when I hung the wreath I realized it was perfect just the way it was ...

Sometimes when you can't find what you need it is best to create it for yourself!!  Don't you agree?

I absolutely love the front steps, I have walked out each morning to sit here with my coffee and take in all the season has to offer.  I can't wait for crisp mornings and all the fires we will build to end the days.  The front porch is ready to welcome the new season.

Happy Monday lovies ... here's to cooler weather on its way!


  1. This is beautiful! Is your door painted? It's the perfect fall backdrop for your pretty wreath. I love everything about this picture!

  2. This is beautiful! Is your door painted? It's the perfect fall backdrop for your pretty wreath. I love everything about this picture!

  3. Your gourds are so lovely! It's so tough to find nice gourds like that around here - but I will say we do have tons of nice pumpkins!

    Brad @ Alarm Reviews



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