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Random Thoughts ... #091516

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It has been a good week, I am actually feeling better (finally) so that always makes for a good week. But the good think, for you, is that a whole lot of down town means I discovered all kinds of happy on the internet.  I know Lawyer is super thankful I am spending less time shopping online resting and more time tidying up after our crew!!  (holla ...)

First and foremost I must tell you I was really nervous about this post.  I have received so many emails, texts, calls and people opening up to me about how my story touched them or is so similar to their own struggle.  The post was hard to write and at times I had to stop writing and walk away in tears remembering so much fear along the way. I will tell you this and I know it to be a fact.  We are given challenges to change our lives and others.  You must share your story at some point to change another person's life.  And it is very worth every word you will speak!  xo

I told you all about the Moon & Lola xx Emily McCarthy collaboration here.  I can now tell you everything I ordered ... and I can't wait to get it all.  I love these girls and this jewelry is so fabulous!! I ordered this keychain, this bracelet and this monogram along with this to go on it.  I got two of these (in turquoise) and one of these along with one of these.  Can you tell I'm excited??

I just snagged this hair product and I can tell you its the best on the market.  It smells good and works without leaving any gross left overs.  You know what I am saying ... 

These are my new favorite earrings and I have worn them twice with a top knot.  My family is not so sure but I have gotten tons of compliments.  Not on the earrings, they are amazing ... on the top knot/earring combo!

Oh and speaking of top knot ... I tie mine with a scarf just to add more color.  And this scarf and this scarf are on repeat at the moment!

Is it too early to order ornaments for Christmas?  These are soooo me!!

And speaking of tortoise, get one of these too!

My favorite sweater now comes with ruffles ... and is on sale!!

These are the most comfortable pants I have worn in a long time and they are currently on sale if you use the code SHOPNOW. #yesplease

Isn't it always?  Matches from one of my favorite Etsy sellers!! 

I finally found a way to wear mustard this fall since its not a favorite of mine.  I love these and ordered them immediately!!

This product has changed my life, especially lately when I have had bags under my eyes for days!  I bought one for home and one for my purse.  (For reference I wear 2.5 and I am fair)

This is my absolute favorite fall scarf and I just bought two more colors for this year.  Huge and super comfy!

This fabulous top is everything!!!!

Happy shopping lovies ... oh, and only one more day until Fri-YAY!!!

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