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TPC Travels ... #Boston

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I had the incredible gift of spending three days in Boston this past week.  I was beside myself excited when the opportunity presented itself and immediately booked the ticket.  I had never visited Boston and was so excited to take in all of the history and architecture in this amazing coastal city.  I can tell you after three days I have a long to do list for my next visit which can not come soon enough.  It was incredible!

Street in Beacon Hill

I had the pleasure of touring the city with my friend Eric Haydel.  Eric is originally from Louisiana but has been living in Boston for the last eight years.  After his career found him without a job he took the plunge (or the immense push) to attend interior design school in 2004.  He has had incredible success with his six year business and currently sits as the President of the New England chapter of ASID.  His knowledge of the area is incredible and he was the perfect tour guide.  As we passed tour after tour I could tell they weren't getting even 20% of all the knowledge I learned in my three short days.

I have some highlights of my trip ... more to come later.  Most of the tips for food and shopping came from both Eric and the darling Jessika Goranson Lewand who owns Holiday Boutique on Charles Street.  She was so gracious to make me a list of must sees and they were all amazing!

Where we ate ...

You must order the hot chocolate and don't miss the sweets!

I had the fruit bowl and the avocado toast and we enjoyed the incredible Champy Mornings
(I would order the Crafty Mary for sure where you can create your own Bloody Mary!)

The clam chowder was everything!!

Trattoia il Panino in North End
You must order the Zucchini Blossoms and I highly recommend the Rosé

Gelato shop on the corner to the right when you exit the Italian Restaurant ...
The coconut gelato is fabulous and so are the cannolis!

What we saw ... 

This is just a snippet of photos of my incredible three days. We drove and walked all over the city and he pointed out tons of things that we didn't even have time to stop and see!  I would absolutely recommend you walk the Freedom Trail.  I can't wait to go back and walk it on my own.  

Lexington for a trip to Wilson's Farm ... the produce and flowers are like none other.  I loved everything and wanted to purchase way more than I could bring home!

Concord for lunch and a walking tour of downtown.  The antique shops were amazing and the book stores just incredible.  I loved the used book store and wanted to stay in the cafe and eat chowder and drink lemonade all afternoon.  If you go you must see visit Walden Pond, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, the Thoreau House and the Little Women house.  Also just walk the streets and take in all of the incredible Colonial homes.  Absolutely charming!

Harvard University and Cambridge for an incredible walk through the campus.  It was amazing and the buildings are so beautiful.  We stopped in to the bookstore and into the shirt shop where I grabbed one for my oldest. Just walking the campus was truly magical and taking in all the architecture ... I literally walked around with my head up just looking around.

The North End for a visit to the Paul Revere House and the North Church.  I felt like I was stepping back in time.  I must go back. The North End is home to the most amazing Italian food and the best Italian desserts.  Oh, and I did drink a few glasses of rosé!

Boston Public Garden was the most beautiful place I have ever walked.  The privately owned gardens are impeccable and just wandering was everything.  I was so inspired to take up gardening in my own yard. I must recommend the swan boats and a spot at the brass ducks.  I took about 50 photos of just the beds alone and the water ... it was so peaceful and relaxing!

Beacon Hill was absolutely amazing! It is filled with Federal style rowhouses, gaslights and brick sidewalks. I took so many incredible pictures of doors and planters and window boxes.  Each window box was more beautiful than the last.  I immediately wanted to come home and paint my front door and install incredible planters full of fall color.  

Acorn Street is the last street in Boston left with cobblestones still intact. It was small but so charming and I could just hear the houses pulling carriages down the small streets.  The cobblestones are truly beautiful and worn so perfectly.

Charles Street for the best shopping.  We stopped in quite a few but my favorite was Holiday Boutique and the darling antique plate store next to it.  I bought some amazing things from Holiday and can not wait to wear them all and burn the incredible candle.  Not to mention the darling staff ... and Damon!  It made the whole day for me!

I mean the wallpaper and the silhouettes alone ...

The Boston Public Library was incredible!  I spent many afternoons in the library as a child and this was such an amazing experience for me.  The art collection and the ceilings and the marble is worth the stroll.  I could not take it all in and truly feel like I could stay for a week and not see it all.  The library honestly needs a post of its own.

My wish list for the return trip is longer than three days so I am planning for a week.  Boston is only six square miles but it is packed with history, tons of amazing places to shop and eat and the most beautiful architecture.  And of course there are day trips to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket to plan.  

Boston ... you have created a little love space in my heart and I will be back soon!

I am always up for adventure!


  1. Small world. I taught Eric swimming lessons when he was just a young boy. He is from the same town as I am. I also taught school with his dad, Glenn. Eric is such a great person with loads of personality. Boston is a beautiful city. How did you meeting Eric??? Eric also used to work for a good friend of mine who owns a great shop in our hometown, Thibodaux, LA.

    1. Super small world indeed!! Eric and I met at market and have become fast friends ... the design world is quite small! I just adore him and his wicked talent! He says amazing things of you as well!! I will have to make my first trip to New Orleans with him soon!! xo

  2. I'm with you, Paige, any time I have a chance to go to Boston, I'm booking it! It is a wonderful city! I could tell you were having a great time by your Instagram pics!

  3. How wonderful that you have discovered my home town - Boston! But Wilson's in Lexington? Cannot believe it - I grew up not far from there and my mother shopped there weekly. We were eating free-range chickens years ahead of the craze! Such a wonderful place and it really hasn't changed much. Then the Concord Inn - another wonderful place for our family to gather. I live on Cape Cod now and that's not too shabby either. I plan on my annual pilgrimage to ACK next week as this is the best time to visit. So glad you traveled north of the Mason-Dixon line and saw for yourself how wonderful New England is and how nice we Yankees really are! (And that comes from someone who lived (1) in Washington DC and Richmond VA for 30+ years and (2) married an 11th generation Virginian...)

  4. So glad you enjoyed our beloved Boston!

  5. I'm glad you had such a good trip to Boston, and will be returning. I love the Fall here the most. I live in the suburbs, but went to Mass. Art eons ago when it was down the street from Fenway Park, so was back and forth through Cambridge and Boston. I know what you mean about the library-it's beautiful. I have to thank reading your blog (love your style) for learning about Jessika Goranson's shop on Beacon Hill, and Damon's LeviZane jewelry line-he is so talented. Enjoy the cooler weather. Kathy

  6. I haven’t been to Boston in a few years, but I will definitely keep your guide in mind when I return. It is certainly a city unlike any other.

    Kim -



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