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Style Sister

It is no secret that my favorite store is J.Crew. I love the mix of the bold with the old school prep vibe that stays around season after season.  But it isn't just the clothes that keeps me coming back, its Jenna Lyons and her incredible style.  I am in love with Jenna Lyons style.  Madly in love actually. Her style just speaks to me.  I love that she mixes patterns like a rock star and truly shys away from nothing.   I mean, we were meant be sisters really ...

I love how she effortlessly mixes pieces to create a look that is completely hers.  Of course her beauty and height help immensely but you see where I am going with this ... 

Those striped pants are perfection, but so many of the pieces she chooses speak to me.  Can't you just imagine that incredible closet of hers ... #yesplease!!

Early this morning I received my daily email from J.Crew with her holiday picks. I could not agree more ... I love the selection this season.  I purchased so many amazing pieces during the crazy weekend sales but I have just a few more things on my must have list.  

Shoes (glitter) || Shoes (black) || Zebra || Pajama Shirt || Skirt || Sweater || Hat

I grabbed up this darling sweater yesterday and also the blue pajama shirt and with the chill in the air today I may wear both!  It is finally raining after three months and the chill is lovely.  I am dying for a pencil skirt and sadly may have missed out on the incredible lace green one but I have my eye on this one instead!!

I had a girl ask me yesterday how I would wear the pajama shirt and the answer is with everything and all day long!!  I have it paired with a pair of jeans and my new sweater for today with the collar up and tails out but I also see it with my darling new plaid pants and a pair of heels for next week's cocktail party.  I think this is a shirt you could wear over and over again and never tire of the softness or its versatility.  I am kicking myself for not getting the white yesterday as well!!

Off for more coffee, more decorating and a cute outfit for the day!  Happy Tuesday!!

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