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Bar Cart for Valentines Day

Bar Cart styled by Mimosas and Monroe
Painting by Evelyn Henson

I am in full Valentines Day prep mode, but I am not rushing the holiday it is just simply one of my favorites.  What isn't to love about a day that celebrates love?  And in today's world where I see so many things that scare me I am all love all day every day. Not to mention February is a month I wear pink pretty much all week long in preparation for spring so I can't think of one reason not to get ready early, can you?

Bring on the pink and month of endless love please!!

Since we are having a dinner party for Valentines Day and I am planning a few little happy hours with my besties I need a fabulous stocked bar cart!  Of course I will stock it with some of my favorite things, but I also plan to shop for and stock it with some fun new finds!  For our dinner I am serving Prosecco and mix ins so I am thinking vintage glasses + fun bowls for add ins + bottles for juices.  I mean, doesn't it sound perfect?

Let's talk specifics ... flowers, glasses, napkins and last but not least, fun details!

As usual, my bar cart will need some flowers.  Since my dinner party is pink, orange and gold I am thinking a fabulous vase is the right decision.  Something gold and amazing. These tall ones caught my eye immediately since they are gold and pink and the size will allow me to add more fabulous things on my cart.  I can add an acrylic base to make it taller if I need to.  Aren't they divine?

I will also need fun glasses and something with a vintage feel is right up my alley.  I am completely obsessed with coupe glasses and these could not be more perfect for me!  I added six to my cart the minute I spotted them.

I love these darling napkins and they would be adorable with a pink or orange monogram.  Under that amazing pink coupe glass.  My bar cart is coming together perfectly!!

I am completely obsessed with this champagne.  Not only is the bottle gold and glittered but one bottle provides 15 meals for a child.  So I get to celebrate with a darling bottle and my besties and also provide for a child.  I can't think of a better idea, can you?

Ok, now the little details.  Tags are purchased ... Snagged these amazing lips for a bowl or to garnish the glasses ... bowls for add ins ... oh and lastly a fabulous shaker since the boys will want a mixed drink.  

I am getting giddy with excitement ... and I just asked a bestie for lunch on the 14th so I can plan a little lunch for two. It doesn't get any better!!

Happy Wednesday lovies!!


  1. Thanks for some great Valentines Day inspiration. Especially love the highball glasses.

  2. Loving all or the beautiful bar carts and such fun inspiration for Valentine's Day! Hope you're having a great week!



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